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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What makes my world go round

this is an edit from a post I made 2 years ago that had been very popular...  I saw it and I was amaze to see that no matter how many changes I went thru over the last 2 years this is still all true!!!  (of course my son's age was then 10... )
picture taken at Ecomuseum in May 2011 while visiting with my son

A flower (there is a tiny yellow flower in the picture above)
A ray of sunshine in a rainy week
A spa vacation
A smile
My 12 years old son reaching for my hand when we walk
A kiss
A hug
Sitting in the grass
Flowers blooming in trees
Sunny breeze on my cheek when reading outside
Baby laughing in the swing
Holding the door for an elderly
Meeting my best friend at Starbucks
Attending a yoga class
Meditation early morning
A bird singing
Hand made gifts from my son
A hot shower
A butterfly
A lady bug
A home made meal that my son and husband love!
Waking up to the sound of a quiet rain
Smelling the flowers through the breeze
Walking in the rain
A bike ride
Coming home with healthy groceries
My cat
The sound of a wave
A smoothie
A homemade juice
Talking about "Life Happens" - OK this one is new!
love and peace,

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