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Monday, April 8, 2013

When I first started doing yoga...

One of my favorite place to do yoga outside - by the water

...I had no idea where it would bring me...  and I certainly did not suspect the total transformation I would undergo....

As you might have seen in "Life Happens" I started doing yoga as a mean to manage my stress and deal with MS (multiple sclerosis). 

As suggested by my psychologist, I bought a yoga DVD and meditation CD 7 years ago....  and slowly started... doing mostly stretches, breathing and meditation....  I was doing it for 10 minutes per day... and it was very demanding!  and then when I was off my mat, I was back to my old self...

Roughly 18 months after that, I needed to know more...  I had no clue why, but something was happening and made me want to know more about yoga... so I started buying books... and more DVDs...  and I read about yoga....  and started doing actual asanas instead of only stretches and breathing... and it felt good!!!  I joined a studio and started taking my first official Hatha yoga introductory class... and all this combined was transformative... and I started to make changes to my life...  doing a little yoga on the mat made me feel good... and off the mat I was reading about it a lot... kind of became an obsession!  At one point I started aligning who I was discovering on the mat with who I was off the mat....

Long story short, as if you already read other posts you know me a little by now, I became who I am today... 

I still love yoga!!!!  But to me yoga is now more a way of living than an exercise like it use to be...  Yes I can still do a headstand, wheel, crow pose or many sun salutations... However this is not what yoga means to me anymore...  And it is not what I like to do on my mat!  I do my yoga routine most days... It includes breathing exercises, meditation, asanas for at least 40 minutes....  I get up at 5am to so... And I have no particular routine I respect...  I follow what my body needs...  more breathing when I am tense...  more stretches when I have been walking a lot and my legs are stiff...  more sun salute when I am really energize... more backbends when I need to let the love in... more tree if I need to root myself furthermore...  It changes... day by day!  I can never predict what it will look like the next day because my body only tells me when I am ON the mat! But I am a yogi ALL the time... on and off the mat!

This is the ONE lesson yoga as thought me:  Let go
I do not need to know exactly when, where and how things will happen...

I did learn that when you are  your own self and follow your ideals and principles... where you are honest with yourself and do what your hearth truly desires you WILL end up in the right place at the right moment!!!  and wonderful things will happen!! people will sense you are authentic and love and respect you for it even if they do not agree completely with your ideals.

And it is the most important lesson I could learn... because I use to have a tendency to want to control everything in my life... and I have probably missed great opportunities/relationship because of that... but that's OK too.. cause it made me who I am today... and brought me where I am now!

It is an important lesson too since when I decided to write a book, I had no clue where it would bring me...  but I knew I wanted and needed to do it... and to this day, almost 3 months after it has been published I still am unsure as to where I am going with this (and probably will always be unsure as it will change over time)... but I am enjoying the ride instead of focusing on the destination...  as there probably is no destination anyway right?  A destination is final... it means the end to something...  as long as I am  enjoying the ride, I am going somewhere... and who needs to know where really???  Surprises are GREAT! As long as I am enjoying the ride, Life Happens is alive...  and been talked about! And I get a chance to talk about it.... and do what I love more.. talk and write about yoga, meditation as well as diet and lifestyle change!

I guess this is what this post is all about....

1) Learn how to LET GO!!!  (you do not need to control everything and everyone... and anyway you can't...  it's a false impression!!!)
2) Do what you really love!!! (life is short why waste it with stuff that doesn't really matter?)
3) Enjoy the RIDE... there is no destination!  (well there is one, and we all have the same one!!!)

and go with my favorite quote from Gandhi (it is my mantra and I repeat it several times a day and it's everywhere in my life - even Life Happens start with it!) :

"Be the change you want to see"

and you... what do you have to let go? what ride are you enjoying??

love and peace,

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