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Monday, April 29, 2013

First, "feels like summer", minimalist week end of the year!

First bike ride of 2013

I had a wonderful week end!!!!
Being minimalist ROCKS!!!!!

Here in Montreal, we had the first really nice (meaning warmer and sunny - cause every week end is nice!) week end of the year..  sunny and warm enough to feel like summer is coming...

My husband and I spend all week end outside...  walking in the city or bicycling!!!

This is one good side of being a minimalist...  because we saw a countless number of people doing spring tasks...  like:

washing their car
painting the garage door
painting the fence
picking up the leaves
cleaning the terrasse
cleaning the pool
washing windows
doing spring cleaning of house
pulling away the "tempo"
cleaning garage
"washing" the driveway

and it reminded us of when we had our house...  and I am not saying there is anything wrong with owning a house... it's just not for us!!!

We had to do all those things....  and we felt like it was taking something away from us...  we were so busy, each working 40h a week in job we did not like....  and then having to spend hours on the house... which we did not enjoy!!!  we were miserable... and stressed... and felt like we were missing on LIFE!!!  Real life... We thought there must be more to life than taking care of a house and cars!

Now, we live in an apartment with a small balcony... so we took 20 minutes to clean the balcony and the small round table and two chairs we have on it....  I also took me  20 min while my husband was doing the balcony, to start cleaning the windows...  So all in all, shared between the both of us, we had 40 minutes of "obligations" this week end... and over the next 2 week ends, there will be maybe an extra 2 hours to clean the other windows...  shared between the both of us...

It gave us plenty of time to spend part of the day on Mont-Royal, St-Denis and St-Laurent on Saturday....  then we got back home and went for our first bike ride of the year closer to where we live...  and ended up at Starbucks and enjoyed tea on the terrasse...   On Sunday we enjoyed yet another tea on a terrasse early morning (yes it was that warm in the sun) on Mont-Royal and then did grocery shopping and went back home...  when the weather warmed up we went for a bike ride close to where my son goes to school as a mean to evaluate how long it would take him to ride his bike to school...  while being there, we had a nice lunch at one of our favorite vegan restaurant....  then rode back home... and took care of the patio and windows...  I then had plenty of time to prepare a few meals for the week... in order to ease into my week!

It was wonderful and this is what our summer look like...  now that we do not have a house or a car! And do not forget to add lunch in the park, swimming, ping pong outside and much more...

I can't wait for the next week end to be here!!!!

love and peace,

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