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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Peace please!

At the time of writing these lines I am terribly sad...  I am going to write this post to get the emotions out of my chest and then meditate to regain peace and hope in human nature....

I went for a walk and took this picture...  I thought it was nice image of spring.  Blue sky... and tree awakening from a long sleep...  I felt good...  having the sun warming up my skin... and hearing the birds singing made my hearth light!

But then, I heard that a 5 year old boy accidentally shot his 2 years old sister....  while "playing" with a gun made for kids! ...yet again...

How sad is that???  I surely do not want to put the blame on anyone... especially not that poor kid who's gonna have to live his whole life with the image of him killing his younger sister... 

But this is not the first time such an accident happens... (hopefully the last!) and it is not a new thing either....  I've heard someone who's really close to me telling a story of a family close to where he grew up where that very same thing happened.  The boys life (and that of his parents and siblings) is completely ruined.... and that happen over 30 years ago!

This is just an example of what is not right with this society... and there are many more! But again, far from me the idea to point fingers on anyone specific...  not the parents, not the family or friends, not the coworkers or not the government or the police!  I think we ALL are to blame... in a way...  and this is what is so sad... we need to acknowledge this....  and everyone needs to be responsible for their acts... The butterfly effect (go to this post of you wish to see what the butterfly effect is) which I really like to talk about is a really nice principle however it also works the other way around...

Let me explain... if every action I take has a reaction... if every decision I make impact someone...  if every idea that comes to my mind can materialize...  do you see where I am going??? 

If I decide to let someone cut in front of me in a line (standing or driving)...  does it really make me wait a lot more?  Does it perhaps help that person who may have an higher sense of urgency than I have?  Will it really "kill" me? Probably it will not affect me so much... but that person who is already in a stress moment and probably has issues may be calmed down by you letting him/her go...  and then what if he/she gets home or back on the road in a better mood because of that?  Can that impact his/her family?  Kids? Other people driving?

What if I fill my head with nice thought instead of bad aggressive ones?  I will probably be more calm...  and this calmness, just like a smile, is contagious... people around me will be more calm... and people around them too...  and when you are calm, are you looking for violence?

I know this is a long shot... and it won't happen overnight (even thus I really wish I could fix this with the snap of my fingers!)....  and for a while we'll have to deal with violence...  still.... but we can reverse this!  I am trying... but I need your help... and you need the help of all you friends/family/ readers/...  who in turn needs the help of all theirs...  THIS is the butterfly effect!!  Let' use it for something good...  The flap of a butterfly wing in Brazil can create enough wind to create a tornado somewhere in Canada... but let's use that wind to do  create something else than a tornado!!!  Something more positive... 

The dalai-lama says that if every 8 years old kid alive today would be taught meditation, we could achieve world peace in 2 generations!  I like to believe that!!! 

and now I will go meditate...  remove all this bad energy... all those horribles ideas in my head.... and replace with good energy.... and peaceful beautiful ideas!!!

will you join me???

will you try to be more calm?  look less into violence and more into life's beauty? look for the good instead of the bad and ugly???

I have stopped watching the news years ago because of violence but somehow, it still comes to me...  sometimes...  and it really makes me so sad!!!!

think:  HAPPY THOUGHT!!!!

love and peace (PLEASE),

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