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Monday, April 15, 2013

Lovely week end and a contest!

I have had a lovely week end!!!!

First I took the arrangements to have my book "Life Happens" at Chapters and do a signing event!!! Of course, once I have the final date, time and address I will let you guys know of it!!!  This is really exiting!!!

I spent quality time with my son before he left for Cuba with his dad for a week!!!  He's lucky to have this opportunity!  His first time going down south during "winter"...  he'll LOVE it I know!!!!  He's very much into all kind of sports and his dad too so he'll have a blast!!! I can't wait for him to get back and let me know all about it!!!

I also spent quality time with my husband... we walked around...  did some shopping and some cooking!!! 

I have bought two items for my spring wardrobe...  a short sleeve white top and a 3/4 sleeve khaki top...  they will also ease into my summer wardrobe!!!  The are polyvalent and will fit many bottoms I have... so they're a great addition!!!  This is the fun part of joining Project 333 ...  it is not about suffering as Courtney likes to say...  so you are allowed to buy stuff if you need it... and since I lost much weight since last spring, well enough that some tops looks too big on me, I CAN buy more.. and even if I add them to my current wardrobe, I am up to 30 items.. still following the rules I set for myself!!!

I also bought, as you can see in the picture above, 3 glass jar for drinking my smoothies and homemade juices..  why 3? because there are 3 of us in my house!  so why have more???  I did this for all my plates, and glasses and bowls....  kept 3 of each...  except for a specific type of bowl and silver ware... which I kept 6 of each....  only because we use them really a LOT!!!  Can't wait for tonight's smoothie after my workout!!!  (yes today is the day I am starting running again...)

Last but not least, I bought 2 vegan books... the Vegan cook's bible which is fill with nutritional information and tips for vegan eating... I did have a few book on the subject but this is really different and categorize the information that is all in my brain in a nice orderly fashion!!!  Will make it easier for me to remember everything! I'll keep you posted on that book... and will put some nutritional tips on my facebook page on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Last but not least, Vegan food gift...  This goes well with my values in eating well and being minimalist...  From now on , the gift I give will be good for your health AND good for the planet and will not end up in a drawer on collecting dust somewhere!!!  I have a more and more difficult time with all this gift giving our society does....  you HAVE to give something so many times in a year... and you end up NOT knowing what to give anymore.... as most people already have houses full of stuff..  and those who don't well they do not want stuff!!!  lol
Giving out "food" that can contribute to make people sick or gain weight doesn't appeal to me either..   so this is a great idea!!!  I can't wait for mother's day!!!  It will be my first vegan food gift!!!

I also want to bring to your attention, that I have started a contest on my page.  You can go there, "Like" my page and go on the post for the contest and identify why you think a mother you know, (yours or not) should win a singed copy of "Life Happens".  You have until Wednesday 12pm to enter...  then on Thursday, I will announce the 2 winners!!!

so go to Facebook and register for the contest.... and let me know what you think of this post.... I am always looking forward to your comments...

love and peace,

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