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Monday, July 14, 2014

Back to status of my internet life

With a view like that, who really wants to be on the internet?  Not me!
But who feels like they need to be on the internet?  Me... 

On May 9th, I have written a post about my "internet" life.  How it had become so important for me that I felt I was missing on other stuff.
I had challenge myself to follow these rules to help me out in decreasing my on line time and increase my presence here and now.
On June 9th, I got back to this with how I'd been doing.  You can read it here. There was some improvement but I wanted some more...  and here's what happened.

Now let's look at one last time how I am doing and what will keep and what will go... Because as I wrote earlier, I do not really want to spend so much time on the net...  but I feel like I need to... 
For a few reason:
1) this blog - it takes time to write it but I love it!
2) I feel still somewhat connected to some friends not  that I live 1000km away from them...

However, I know I can make this work... I figured it out!

1) iPhone will not be constantly by my side. 
           a) when I am at home, it will stay plugged somewhere not in the same room as me.
           b) when I am out, I will bring it as a phone but will keep it in my bag - not hand
           c) once a week, I will go out with my son and husband leaving the phone home
           d) when I am out with friends, I will only use it to be reachable for emergencies

 b)d) Not an issue!
a) somewhat an issue.. as my husband and I have been looking for work I felt like I had to be by my phone 24/7... even if there is voice mail on it...  and now that my son is back to Montreal, I definitely want to be available... just in case...  it's a mommy thing...  However, once my son is back here and I have found a job too (husband already did), I will leave the phone alone...  AND will also start doing d)...  Sunday I will leave my phone at home in the kitchen to recharge and not be used to check on social media so often.

 2) Computer will be closed and put away in my desk when not on my working hours

 Computer has been closed and put away.  That was actually easy!!!  And I loved it! Will definitely keep doing this. - this is still true!  Most times computer is put away... desk looks cleans and it doesn't remind me of stuff to do on my relaxing times.

 3) When computer is open, it will be open ONLY on what I am working on.  emails, social medias and the like will be closed unless currently used - and only one at a time

 So much more efficient to work on one thing at a time... makes me question the ability I had developed to multi task!  Perhaps when you are well organized and concentrated, multi tasking is more of a nuisance than anything else!  I am enjoying solo tasking so much!  (not sure that is even a work but pretty sure you all get it!)

 4) I will assign 3x 30 minutes periods to social network and this blog - that should be enough to answer every one... 
          a) one in the morning (after breakfast)
          b) one right after lunch
          c) one mid-evening

 In June I was disappointed with my behavior regarding this... well it changed a little.... however on day when I am not as busy, I find it easier to grab the phone and check social media when I could grab a book and read instead! I find that I like to check my social media before breakfast, before supper and right around 9pm.  45 minutes each times is most of the times enough - as per what I decided in June.

 5) Sunday I will be completely off-line!  Will get back to you on the next Monday

I find that overall, on the week end, I am much less on the social medias and much more present with my husband and son!  This is great!  However, as long as my 108days are not over, I cannot be completely off on Sundays as I need to post a picture as per my rules.  What I am sure of, is that once the 108days are over, I will do social medias on the week end only once in the morning. That will be more then enough...

After thinking about it, the iPhone will stay... it does many tasks in one single device.   I do not have a camera, note pad, agenda, alarm clock, GPS, home phone and cell phone...  it's all in that one little thing! This, too me, is minimalism!

One thing I did is temporarily block internet access to my phone when I an not in a Wi-Fi zone... this has been working very well...  simply cannot check the social media and phone really is just a phone...  but in that case, it looses it's ability to be a GPS and some notes are lost when not connected to the internet.  Maybe I do it just long enough so that I get use to it?

Ok well, overall, I am pretty happy with that experiment.   Following rules have come out of it and are allowing me to have a better quality life.
1) iPhone, not always by my side or in my hand
2) Sundays, iPhone will always stay home (after 108days)
3) Computer stored and close when not in use
4) Social media time - 3 times 45 minutes per day
5) Social media not used on Sundays (after 108days)
6) Social media not use after 9pm
7) solo tasking - in social media and everything else!!!

What bout you guys?  do you have rule to minimize your social media/internet usage?  do you find yourself wasting time on those?  avoiding things to do to socialize?

thanks for reading!
and please share if you like this blog!!!



  1. I think it's great that you're developing a plan to help simplify your online life. For me, this isn't such a big deal. I'm not involved in any social media at all ~ no facebook, no twitter, no instagram; it's just not my thing. As for my phone - there are actually very few people to whom I even give my phone number to; less than twenty people, half of whom are family. My phone always stays in my purse and is always on vibrate. I check it once when I get home from work and once before I start preparing for bedtime. Wow - I just realized this makes me sound like some sort of hermit, but really I'm not. I just try to stay present in what I'm doing and who I'm with. I do have to acknowledge that my husband does keep his phone on him at all times, though, so if anyone really needed to reach me in an emergency they could through him.

    My online "fun" time for things like reading my favorite blogs varies depending on the time of year. I'm a teacher and on summer break right now, so I check my bloglovin' feed once a day and spend about an hour or so reading and relaxing. During the school year my time is much more limited and I only check in with my school related blogs daily and my "lifestyle" blogs once a week, usually Saturday mornings before I get going with the day. I don't know if it's my age (I grew up in the days before cell phones and the internet) or just that I'm a more introverted person, but this has never been a particularly busy part of my life. Kudos to you, though, for taking charge of this area in a way that makes sense and works for your life. Sunny

    1. love your way of seeing this.... inspirational... thanks for sharing! xox