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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Even more minimalist wardrobe

This is a picture dating back in May... This skirt and t-shirt are still part of my wardrobe... but maybe not for long...  why?

Well let me tell you why I am presently re-evaluating, yet again, all my wardrobe.

A while back I decided to cut back on working clothes...  making my work wardrobe very simple:  black pants (1) and skirts (2) and a few work appropriate tops. Now most of those tops are now gone since they no longer fit me or the color is obsolete with my decision to go back to my natural color.... When I find a new job, I'll have to invest in about 3 new tops - depending on where I work.

Then when you look at the rest of my wardrobe, there is much more clothes... which is consistent with the fact of wanting to work part time and have more free time.  I was told that you have to create a life then find a way to earn a living...  this is what the last year has been all about! Creating a life... I did so by refining my wardrobe and lifestyle.. and it continued last week as, once again, my color change also affected that part of my wardrobe.  I also moved in a very different area and city.  This is what needs adjustment now...

Unfortunately, it will not be as easy and as cheap as letting go of clothes... it will need some investment - in due time. I do realise that my wardrobe is very much that of a city girl...  which is fine... for when I go to work or downtown...  however, I also realise that people down here dress more relaxed then what I am used to... this brings me to the fact that they actually dress a lot more like I like and I do not look so much like an alien! Living in Montreal and having the lifestyle I had there I never fully updated my wardrobe to what I really like and always kept a few pieces to fit in.  Guess what? I no longer need to fit in! I no longer have anyone to please as I do not know anyone...  I honestly do not care what people think of me here. I am who I am...  moving to Moncton was the last thing I needed to complete my "transformation" as some people like to call it. To become truly free...

That said, I will need to invest in a few pieces over the course of the next year...  here's what and why:

1) tops for work depending on the job I find - more on that once I know what I'll be doing - but then again, they'll have to be me... no one to impress anymore!

2) tops for colder months - most of my tops for fall and winter were beige and grey... which really does not do any good to my complexion with my new hair color!  I will need to invest in colorful tops like red, plum, mustard, orange, teal, burgundy...  which all fit well with my bottoms which are basically grey, black and jeans.  If I can make these fit with work clothes, that would be awesome!

3) I will need a pair of sweat pants...  nights are cool here and it would be more comfy to sit on my balcony looking at the lake at night with those than in jeans!  I always loved the comfort of sweat pants.... especially Roots.  Then again for years I refused to buy them...  well you know why...

4) Also a more neutral warmer vest or hoodie for the same reasons... sometimes we head off to the city in jean short and t-shirt and when sun goes down it gets really cool... and quite frankly, nothing I own really does the job!  A hoodie is what you need here!

All in all it is not so bad...  I will keep monitoring my wardrobe and see what goes and what stays...  I am really happy about the program H&M have where when you bring your clothes in they give you store credit...  this is going to help me in saving money buying the few items I may need. Also they have this H&M conscious line which is more respectful of the environment and people:  Love it!  It may not be perfect but these are clothes I can afford and I like to support small initiative that may go a long way! If everyone what at least trying, we'd all be much better off!

OK...  that's all for now... gotta head back to my wardrobe!  And evaluate what goes and what stays!
Love this!!!!  Anyone wants me over to clean up their wardrobe???  :-)

thanks for reading!
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