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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Vegan Thursday - muffins many ways...

Hello my friends!

Apparently my internet connection which I lost after Monday's post is now back... apparently for good now! I certainly do hope so!

In today's vegan post, I want to share with you a muffin recipe. You can actually get the whole recipe here (because I can't write the same article on both blogs I need to share this way):

What I really like about this recipe is that originally, it is not even vegan and I managed to make it vegan by replacing the egg with chia seeds and the milk with vanilla almond milk. Quite simple as a matter of fact.... and it turned out fine! It is also originally made to go with fresh blueberries... I used frozen and it worked out! Just cooked a little longer as frozen blueberries are more wet.

I also tried it with chocolate chip for one batch and cranberries for another instead of blueberries.  They were all amazing! At the time of writing this post, I wanted to try raisins... and one more batch with chopped walnuts. I'll get to my kitchen right after!

I also have many more ideas for using this recipe! I will share of course as I try them out!

I love it because it is so simple and requires very standard ingredients and seems to be accommodated quite well with different flavors!

The other lovely thing about this recipe is that you need only one bowl to make it!!!  Less dishes to clean and also it takes so little time that in a couple of hours you can literally make 4-5 batches!   You freeze them and there you are set with that for weeks!

Minimalist because requiring one bowl...
Vegan because I made them so...

How can you ask for more?

thanks for reading!
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