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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vegan Thursday's - carrots

Feel silly talking about carrots...  we all know they're good for us!  We've been told that since we were kids!

But why are they good for us???  I always ate my carrots as a kid and still ended up wearing glasses at 11...  so I ate more as a teen... every day at lunch I would eat carrots! Still wore the glasses... actually did until I was 31 and got laser eye surgery because I could not longer stand wearing glasses... Taking a shower was a whole new experience by then!

Enough about me....  why should be eat carrots?

Well here it is...

From one medium carrot, your body can use the beta-carotene it contains  and manufacture 204% of your recommended daily intake of  vitamin A which is essential for our eyes... Not to prevent myopia or the like but rather to keep your eyes ability to adjust to light change and stay moist. Well, well,well....   our parents were right...  but not precise!

Carrots contains vitamin K which helps your blood to form clot in case of wound but it also helps your kidney to stay healthy and your bones to be strong!   Yes our bones needs more then calcium!

Carrots contains 6% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C which helps build a strong immune system and aid in the absorption of iron from plant based sources.

And let's not forget potassium - 400mg of it...  in one single medium size carrots. Potassium can help prevent hearth diseases, strokes and high blood pressure. It also controls your metabolism, help with muscles maintenance and nervous system health.

Last but not least, fibers - one carrot equals 7% of your recommended daily intake of fibers! And we need fiber to regulate our bowel movement which is the foundation of good health!  remember?  You gotta go 2-3 times a day! Carrots will help!

Now this week I tried a new smoothie recipe which I really was unsure of but turned out to be amazing!!!  You blend 1 cup carrot juice (I homemade mine and kept the pulp you'll see why later - it took 4 carrots to get 1 cup), 1 banana and one mango!  It gives the delicious orange drink above!  Good for your eyes and nice to look at!!! 

Now I kept the pulp because there goes all the fibers! Every time I juice, I love all the vitamins and minerals intake.... but throwing out the pulp breaks my heart...  this time because I only had carrot pulp, I kept it and I included it in my muffins!   Remember the recipe muffin from a few posts back?  Well instead of blueberries, I added carrot pulp and chopped walnuts!  They taste great!  And are loaded with fibers! If you want that muffin recipe, you can get it here.

Now a quick note on those pre-cut carrots that you can buy in groceries stores...  please try and avoid them!!!  The are loaded with chemicals...  they actually bathe in chemicals prior to be package in order to stay hard and remain this vivid orange for so long! People who work in those shop wear mask and gloves!  That should suffice to stop you from eating them!   Plus they are way more expensive!!!

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