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Friday, July 11, 2014

108 days : day 21 already!!! It goes so fast!

Warning:  this post may be long... so grab a pot of tea and make yourself comfortable!!!

This 3rd week started as both very good and very bad! Here's why... my son was going back to Montreal to spend 5 weeks with his dad...  and Arthur had his plane cancelled.... needless to say, I did not take the cancellation assurance on the plane (because I never do take those useless insurance)...  and I had to figure out another way to get him there on the same day because he was leaving for Wildwood really early Sunday morning and really didn't want to miss his trip!  Well my 2 options left were train on bus... relatively the same price but train being 2h extra and only leaving at 5pm from Moncton.... it would have been too late! Bus it was! My son had to do a 14 hours bus ride to Montreal.  He had to change bus 3 times...  and one of the bus broke down for 2hours! Which resulted in them not stopping for supper to make up the time!  Good thing I had plan a lunch for him! He got in Montreal bus terminal at 1:35 am Sunday morning.... needless to say, his dad was late to pick him up as always.... Also, needless to say that Saturday was the longest 14h of my whole life..... even seemed longer then the 24h labor to give birth!!! My son had a phone so we texted each other.... and I must say that I was really impressed at his mature behavior!   I am pretty sure he grew a lot from that experience!

And here's the very good part....  by hubby and I had our first date in Moncton! We went to Calactus a vegetarian restaurant that can also make any meal vegan and has only vegan desert!  Above picture was my husband's desert!  It was GREAT!!!  For sure we'll go back there!!!  I still managed to have a good time despite the storm and having my son somewhere in the middle of nowhere in a storm between Moncton and Montreal! Afterall, I was not in control so no point in over torturing myself... even though I did torture a little...

...told you it would be long... this is only day 1 of week 3! lol

On Sunday, I needed to go get a blouse for a job interview... I know I said no spending but I spent 20$ on a blouse from H&M which followed the dress code for the interview and that I will wear over and over again.  I really had nothing to wear to that interview. Because I knew I was going back to my natural silvering hair I chose an appropriate color for the blouse! What struck me on that day is that the mall opens only at 12 on Sundays...  however it closes at 10pm Saturday... this is new to us... since we got to the mall at 10:30, we decided to go to Chapters which is right beside to spare time... well guess what?  that too only opens at 12 on Sundays! So we waited... no point in walking back home to come back later...  the Starbucks at the mall opened at 11 so we stopped there! While I was at the mall, I decided to look for a hair dresser...  well no one cuts hair in the mall or in all Moncton, for that matter, on Sundays! Therefore I took my appointment for the next day.

Which brings us to Monday... THE day for this week... I got in there really nervous...  but it went really well!  The result was not as much of a shock as I expected... and I didn't even shed a tear! I guess I was really ready for that! I had looked at picture of women with really short silver hair... I had research wardrobe hint...  therefore on that day I wore a teal top which suits my skin and my new hair color really good!  I was anxious at people's reaction...then mine! But I realised that there was not so much... and the feedback I got was actually better then I expected!  In any case, I was doing this for myself and it was a good experience! I feel great this way... and it shows... and that's what comes out in other people's reaction! It is true that you get what you put out for!  It has been liberating... I feel more free...  and sexy!  I love it!!!!
I can say that this "rule" for my 108 days was successfully completed! I did it on time to.  And I know I won't dye it back before the 108 days is over... and most likely never will.  I really do feel great "au natural" and I feel truer to myself!

Another goal of my 108 days was for me to get a plant... and I did! Let's see how long this poor ivy will survive!

My 21 days of yoga are going well.  I did not skip a day yet...  although yesterday I was really exhausted and my practice resulted in some pranayama, asana and a LONG savasana!  Still I was on my mat! Today is my 7th day in a row and I had plan an 1h long meditation because my body needs it. So does my mind. All Fridays will be an 1h long meditation.

If you paid attention, you saw that I had a job interview... but unfortunately this is all I can say for now... I haven't received an answer yet!

Journaling is going well although I switched to morning instead of night... I am just to sleepy at night to write... I prefer to do it in the morning right before breakfast! Still works out....  I never specified what time of day I had to do it!

I did let go of writing every day in my "642 things to write about" book.  I don't have time... and it seems like too much right now.

Every day I am posting a picture of my day on Instagram with the #108daystoanewlife . Link to my Instagram profile is below.

I also cheated on my diet....  I had a handful of Nibs... right before writing this post...  they were just there...  calling me to feel more useful!  I gave in! Period. Nothing to add.

All in all I think I am doing pretty good. 

The transition to Moncton from a much much larger city is going smoothly.  I love it here. And I am keeping an open mind.... I am not saying "no" to what comes my way... as long as it is legal and within my values of course! I even had coffee with a homeless... I would have never done that in Montreal.

I think my aura is changed... as people are acting differently towards me... and I know how people act towards you really is a reflection of what you want (which they unconsciously perceive).  This is a positive experience so far...

One last thing: this intense yoga is working more then I realised at first... this morning I experience an unexpected moment of happiness.... this only happens when I practice my yoga regularly... it's like happiness from within.... for no apparent reason...  you are just free and happy... and in the moment... and you wouldn't change anything and nothing else matters!  It is absolutely amazing as a feeling!

OK... time for my hour of meditation!  So long... 

hope you are enjoying my posting about my 108 days!

thanks for reading!
and please share if you like this blog!!!love&peace,


  1. I love reading your posts! The hair colour change sounds amazing. I left my hair dye grow out last year. It's all gone now and I love feeling more natural and watching the colour change and get new silver areas each month!

    1. thanks for your support and lovely comment! I appreciate it! xox