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Monday, July 21, 2014

New life, new rules and why some things have got to go!

As you could see on my last post I am struggling a little...  I was kind of expecting that this could happen when I moved to Moncton and this is why I decided to start the #018daystoanewlife project at the same moment...  This project was initially for me... to allow me to see things positively...  to address any things I wanted to change in my life.... any loose ends I would like to tie...  and I realised over the last week, and especially this week end, that it turned out to be a project of me having to follow rules and be accountable to so many others... but myself.... In trying to follow the rules and let you guys know every time I slipped, I am forcing myself to follow them and not listening to what resonates with me...  And THAT has to change.... NOW!

This is why over the week end, after many discussions with my husband and one intense discussion with my brother I decided the following... 

1) iPhone will go as soon as I find a job. We will get one cell phone - cheap flip phone...  It will do the job, make me reachable at all time and lower our budget.  I will also get a cool pix camera in due time to take pictures instead of iPhone and a paper agenda for other stuff.  I miss having a paper agenda... I love to write in different color pen and draw and use stickers in my agendas... I find electronic ones are so impersonals.

2) I will get off some social medias, namely:  Goodreads, Instagram, Bitstrips, LinkedIn and perhaps Twitter eventually.  I will be on Facebook - personal profile and page, Pinterest and Google+ since it is linked to this blog

3) Blog will stay - I will write only twice a week instead of 4...  It will be on Tuesdays and Fridays (because I wrote on Monday this week, next post will be on Friday)

4) I have cleaned up my email and phone contact and pages liked on Facebook.

As for the rules to my 108 days here's a new version of them and some explanations...

1) I will no longer post a daily picture on Instagram - as I will be off Instagram - I felt oblige to take pictures and it made every moment being evaluated for is it picture worth or not? Instead of just emjoying here and now I was thinking "is this worth picture posting"?  Doesn't make sense to me who is trying to be more in the here and now.

2) Journaling will be done when I feel the need for it -  I was never able to keep a journal... I like to write when I need to reflect on something or when something important happens but not about having breakfast, a walk and taking a shower!

3) 21 days of yoga which is in process will be slightly switch around to a daily yoga practice that will take place between Monday and Friday with the week end off.  7 days a week is too demanding on my body and I can't sustain it for now. In anyway, in my Ashtanga training, they recommended a 5-6 days a week practice...  your body does need a break. The practice will be 1h + long as I realise that there is much more benefit to an hour or more practice then to a 30-45 minutes one like I use to have.  I want to keep those benefits

4) 21 days no TV is still on... and really easy I must say...  I really do not miss it! Even though this technically started last Saturday, I have already completed 16 days as I haven't watch TV in over 2 weeks without even noting it.  Not having a TV in the living room does make a difference.

5) 7 days of fruits and veggies is still on and will start next Saturday.

6) 21 days of waking up at 6am and go for an hour walk is still on - I really can't wait to get to that set of days.

7) 21 days of new recipe is on hold for now - I realise that I have enough of trying new recipes...  it makes my life more complicated as I have more options to select from when preparing my meals for the week. I am happy with the 20 or so recipes I have and I like to add one every now and then when something looks really good but forcing myself to try 21 news recipe in a row might just drive me insane!  I will rethink this one and see when comes Sept 13th (which was the start date for that) if I still want to do it or not...

8) Books to read are still there but I have some catching up to do...  I am hoping that with less blogging and social media time I will have more time to read!  Those books I selected were actually there to help me...  I really need to go through them.

9)Will keep the natural color hair - really do love it!

10) yoga outside, tattoo and Treego are out. I cannot do yoga in the park across from me as there is geese shit all over the grass and this is really the only space close to home I could have used.  Tattoo - although I would love to get a lotus flower on the inside of my ankle, the pain it may cause really is scaring me out... and makes this not worth while... for now anyway! Treego was in order for me to impress my son and my husband... I am really afraid of heights and this would actually be working on my weaknesses when I was told that you should forget your weaknesses and work on your strengths.

11) Diet rules will stay as this not process cookies and chips and candies is really doing me some good....  even though I have had a few sugar cravings they eventually go away anyway!

That's it.... All the changes I need to make on Day 31 to make the remaining 77 days more manageable...  the purpose of this challenge is for me to move on... not set back.

Yoga, meditation, walking and reading will be what I will mostly focus on from now until Oct 6th.  Let's see what this will bring me.

I had to realise that I was loosing my life trying to show it all to others...  and that this project which was at first intended for me turned into something out of control...  something for others... and I didn't liked and enjoyed it anymore!  Time for me to address the situation!

On that note, I'll talk to you on Friday!  Have a lovely week...

and do not hesitate to share what you think...  I always enjoy hearing from you!

thanks for reading!
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  1. The project is yours to modify and change as suits you. It takes guts to do this.

  2. I admire you for putting all these things in motion. It is a lot of things and doings. After I was diagnosed with an incurable cancer, going thru chemo, a bone marrow transplant, and then back on chemo, the ONE THING I LEARNED, IS TO JUST BE. Be happy with what I do and where I am on the journey.
    It maybe you are trying a little too hard. That's not a criticism , just an observation. I do enjoy your blog, especially the minimalism stuff.

    1. Christina, you comment brought tears to my eyes... I am sorry for your cancer... not sure what else to say about that... but you are so right.... in trying to BE too much in the eye of others I've failed myself the right to be happy... and this is why I am modifying the rules today... for things that resonate with ME. And my happiness... not anyone else's... thanks for this comment! I REALLY appreciate it! love&peace, xox