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Friday, July 25, 2014

#108 days : week 5 is over!

Week 5 is over....  35 days of doing this project and I can see this is going somewhere!  Maybe not where I wanted to when I signed up for it!  Maybe not as fast as I would love to... but it is moving along.

Since I announced my new rules, I can see much changes in me.  By-the-way, I wish to thank everyone who took the time out of their busy lives to send me a gently note or a word of wisdom!  I really do appreciate all of them.

It has done that because I have allowed myself to turn in more...  instead of turning out to social media so much. It brought a new light to myself....  how I work and operate... and some unresolved issues I have...

First, I realise that I need to share... I know I can help people by doing so with the nice testimonies I get ever now and then.  I will continue to do it but less frequently...  and more deeply.

Second, I know the life I chose is not for everyone.  I understand and respect that. I do not criticise the way you live your life so do not criticise mine. My blog is only about how I feel. If it doesn't resonate with you, you do not have to keep reading it.

Third, this blog will be re-oriented much more toward minimalist living...  like it was at first...  because I realise the all I do in my life, all the decisions I make are oriented toward having a simpler, more meaningful and less stressful life. This is what light me up... this is what I like to share...  and this is what it will become. For instances:

         1) Budget/money tips and tricks that I used and worked or did not... to save you time
         2) Decluttering tricks
         3) Wardrobe issues
         4) Small space living
         5) Eating on a budget
         6) Eating healthy and simply
         7) Relationship decluttering
         8) Doing work you love instead of work to pay the bills
         9) Entertainment/activities/travel tip for minimalists

All these subject are, to me, the essential of minimalism.   It is not only about an empty house and closet, it is a lifestyle...  it's about choice you make... choice that will bring you freedom.

This is what this week as been all about for me... realising all that... streamlining what I want to do and share with you guys.

Fourth, I also realise that I have major issues with letting go...  especially of things I cannot control. I find that ever since I have moved here, I am always waiting for something.  A job interview, a second job interview, a call for an answer, another call for another job...  my son to leave... my son to get back... but husband to be back home from work...  This has to stop.  It is preventing me from being here and now.  Because my iPhone will go soon, I had to get an agenda for the next year... I found a super cute one that will help me get in the here and now pronto!  I have giving myself until the end of December 2015 (which is the period cover by the agenda) to get this once and for all! Here's a picture of the agenda:

Last but not least, my husband and I took another deep look at our budget...  doing work we love instead of work to pay the bills sure has an impact on the budget... so we had to look into a few more things...  we've pretty much down to the core now...  It made me realise that I did come a long way from my shopping addiction...  and I am sure happy about that.... but I am not where I'd like to be yet after 7 years of working on that...  Even if we're in a smaller city and I am not watching TV, news, magazines...  The over-consumerism society we live in still has a grab on me! Whether it's social media, people walking down the street, there seem to always be a new "need" which really is just a "want" around the corner! Having a tight budget and working hard on paying off our last debt and increasing our savings, it doesn't allow for many unplanned "needs"... therefore I would use the "magic card"! Well this is so counterproductive.... I know... but so easy...  until the statement comes in! I haven't used it in 3 weeks... and yesterday I decided to put is way...  far and away... it no longer is in my wallet (but I did not cut it yet)!  And no worries, I do not know the number so I cannot use it! I will work on paying it off as quickly as possible and at the same time raise my saving high enough that these could be used in case of emergencies and the "magic card" could be cut off for good! I would have to only live off what I have.

Before I go, I would like to share with you pictures of my living/working area.  Keep in mind that is fairly big (at least for me): about 12'x18' and it is missing one piece of furniture... a couch...  we know what we want but we can't find it use...  so I'll keep looking or we'll have to wait to get the money...  we want a double papasan couch!  They have them at Pier1.  Anyway, now it's summer and we spend most of our times outside anyway so we don't really need it now.  Here are the pictures:

home office where I write this blog from

music/coffee table book zone

meditation/tea area

rocking chair facing lake for rainy days

closed bookshelves - less dusting to do on the few books I kept
And about my new rules...
Diet:  perfect
Yoga: work in progress - easy for me to jump of the wagon on an irregular schedule
Buying: Under control!
Yoga outside:  found a place with no geese shit to do it! Will try next week.
TV:  21 days done... even though officially started last Friday... this truly is a ride in the park.
and I keep on going.....  73 more days to do the rest...

thanks for reading!
and please share if you like this blog!!!


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