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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New season, new wardrobe!


first I'd like to mention that my friend Tasmanian Minimalist has interviewed me and the content of the interview is on her blog...  you can read about here ,  and while you're at it, read more blog posts...  she is awesome!!!

second...  with October starting tomorrow, comes change of clothes!  For years now I have been trying to minimalize my wardrobe... with more or less success!  I have also wrote about it plenty in this blog! I have tried following Project 333 for a few seasons...  try switching up these rules...  tried other people's suggestions...  with more or less success!  What I found in the end it that what works best with me is working with 2 seasons:  1st of October to 30th of April (winter) and 1st of May to 30th of September (summer).  We do have 4 seasons where I live but there are no needs for 4 wardrobe as only a few items change between fall and winter and a few more between spring and summer.  I can get away well with 2 seasons - even though it accounts for a bigger number of items... total! As number are NOT what really matters anyway, here's my wardrobe, listed below starting today until the end of April! Unlike what I did before, I am actually listing EVERYTHING...  that includes outer wear, accessories....  but not yoga clothes (only 2 outfits), lounge wear and socks and underwear...  nor does it include jewelry because I basically do not wear much:  3 earrings, 1 chain and sometimes I pile up a few yoga/new age/hippie stuff.... 

Remember dressing with less is not always easy depending on your lifestyle and work requirements...  You'll see that I have a few items in there that I keep for work and/or were bought for work... sometimes I wear them elsewhere and sometimes not.  Depending on where you work and their requirement and also on how much you have a variety of activities other then work dring your week, it might be more difficult... but there are always ways... and you CAN do with less!  I use to think that it was impossible....  and have hundredS (capital S on purpose) of items in my wardrobe... not including outer wear, shoes or accessories...

Outer wear:

1 corduroy jacket
1 black and brown relax jacket
1 jean jacket
1 rain jacket
1 fake leather jacket
1 winter jacket
3 winter hats for cold to colder weather
3 winter scarves for cold to colder weather
3 pair of mitts, once again, for cold to colder weather
Hand knitted tweed vest
Hand knitted baggy sweater
Total: 17 items


2 plaid scarves
6 more or less fancy scarves - I do wear scarves ALL the time!
3 purses (faked leather red, fake leather beige and one in corduroy with 5th chakra)
1 back pack
1 black material belt
2 belts that came with my 2 dresses
Total: 15 items

Foot wear:

Black converse
Beige ankle boots
Black ankle boots
Rain boots
Winter boots
Leopard sneaker type shoes
Total: 6 items

Actual clothes:

Grey knitted vest
Beige knitted vest
Mustard vest
Turquoise vest
Mustard long sleeve t
Rust  elbow sleeve t
Old pink OM t
Beige long sleeve t
Zebra t
White t
2 long sleeve blouse (bought for work but wear elsewhere also)
1 short sleeve blouse (bought for work but wear elsewhere also)
1 long sleeve black t
2 black Polo's (bought and wear only to work)
1 short sleeve black turtleneck (bought for work but wear elsewhere also)
1 long sleeve navy t
1 elbow sleeve stripe t
1 short sleeve navy blouse
1 polka dots burgundy blouse
1 flannel shirt
1 navy skirt
1 long black skirt
1 short black skirt
1 black dress
1 60's type dress
1 corduroy pant (wide wide legs)
2 wide legged jeans
1 skinny jeans
1 black pant
1 black harem pant
1 black velvet leggings
1 black velvet vintage dress
1 black velvet skirt
1 burgundy velvet skirt
Total: 37 items

Grand total of 75 items!!!!  Is it to much?  Maybe... but I wear all of it! And I LOVE all of it!  Could I do with less...  most certainly.... I did last winter...  Do I think this is reasonable?  YES...  Because...
I wear all of it all the time
I have no orphan items
Everything easily "mix and match" to create infinite number of outfits
I love each and every items
Each and every items reflect my style...  totally!

If everything follow the criteria above, I do not see why I should donate just for the fun of it... or the fun of having a smaller number!  Keeping all of it now will result in having less usage to each item and less need to replace them in the long run...

What od you think of that???  DO you target more a number?  Do you think I should give away to meet a given number?  If I wear everything, do you think I should keep it all?

Remember, living with less is not about a number but rather about surrounding yourself with what you love, reflect your lifestyle and is useful...  and my wardrobe is just that!

thanks for reading!
and please share if you like this blog!!!


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