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Monday, June 2, 2014

You can be who you choose to be!

I've always loved bird.... even maybe envied them... they seem so free... can go anywhere whenever they want! They seem to have no boundaries or rules...  their only need it to eat and nest. 

In a way, we can be THAT free if we choose to!  In fact, you are free to be who you want to be! Sometimes it just doesn't feel that way. 

When we grew up, we learned a set a skills like to: walk, eat on our own, speak, tie shoe laces, write... and so on!  For many years we were told what to do and how to do it.  So we did. We were even thought what to think. So we did.

However, there comes a point where this is no longer satisfying to some of us.  We wish we could be someone else! Well good news is:  YOU CAN BE WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE!

We all have freedom of choice - however, please realise that freedom for choices comes with consequences to accept - but you know what? Once you made up your mind, you know what you want, who you want to be, consequences won't seem so bad in the long run.

You can actually reinvent part or all of yourself! You can decide to tie your shoe laces differently then you learned! How?  Well in the first place, you learned to tie your shoe laces in a manner that an adult showed you. And you repeated it over and over again till you got it right!  If you want to tie it differently, you only have to repeat that new way of doing it over and over again and it will become your new way of doing it.

Now the shoe laces example may seem trivial... but replace shoe laces with more significant things or behavior and you can actually change your life! It just takes time and dedication.

For example, if you want to:

eat better - come up with a plan and stick to it for 21 days
exercise more - come up with schedule and stick to it for 21 days
learn music - register to a course and GO! Never skip a course.
learn to write - just write everyday as much as you can
minimalize your home - make an agenda and do each rooms one by one
wake up earlier - set your alarm clock 5 minutes earlier every week until you get to your ideal time

I am not saying that it is easy!  Depending on what you wish to change and on how long you've been doing it, it will take TIME... and DISCIPLINE...  but once you live the way you want to live, you'll be so happy and you will have forgotten all about that initial hardship!

Do any of you actually remember how learning to hold a fork was frustrating at first? How many tears you shed learning to ride a bike? Absolutely not...  you don't!  Because you were so happy once you got to actually do it that you forget how much effort  you put into it!

It will be the same for anything you wish to change in your life!

You'll make up your mind, work hard and then forget how it use to be! And even forget how much effort it required! And  you know what?  Sometimes it really is easier then we initially think it will be!

You'll have a feeling of happiness... a feeling of completeness... a feeling of being whole and having your inside in tune with your outside!  And this will be just so amazing! 

Once you succeed on one thing you wish to change, you'll get more confidence and try something else.

Start small and go from there.

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