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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Green, Green, Quinoa


Even though I am moving in less then 48h, I wanted to share with you 3 recipes... they are currently my favorite salads! I think they are great for potluck, BBQ season and long week end at the country house...  They can be made in big batches and served in quite a few different ways to avoid feeling like you're always eating the same thing over and over again!

In all cases, dressing is the same:  olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice, pepper and salt.

1) Colorful green salad

I wanted this salad to have all the colors of the rainbows....  and it does... or almost!

There is cucumber, orange bell pepper, radishes, tomatoes, fresh parsley and fresh coriander.

Now you can serve this salad with : orzo, walnuts and chickpeas.  It is just delicious! And so nutritious!

Of course, you can use your imagination to add anything you'd like to it....  I am just giving you my preferences! Any nuts or seeds would do...  baked tofu cubes would be amazing...  even if they are still warm! You could add shredded vegan cheese or parmesan... do not hesitate!  This is why I love salads so much: you can almost never mess them up!

2) This one really is green... greens are so good for you!!!

It is made up of: cucumber, green bell pepper. celery, fennel, fresh parsley and coriander.

Of course you could add color... or protein...  can you imagine adding cubes of avocado?  or pumpkin seeds?  You keep the green color and add even more nutritional value! What about green olives???

I like to serve this with brown rice or on the side of veggie burgers: usually top with sunflower seeds. 

3) Quinoa salad
For this one, I will refer you to another blog on which I write every Thursday as a guest...  I have included all the alternative on there too... to be quite honest, this is my favorite one...  It's more fun to play with and it can also be served as is as the quinoa already does include loads of  proteins.
You can get recipe for this one here:
Any options/alternative you would make to those salads?  It could be interesting to share.... 
thanks for reading!
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  1. I just found out about quinoa and it's very important for our health. Instead of rice and pasta I'll start cooking quinoa :) these are great ideas, will give a try, thanks* Happy moving!