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Friday, June 20, 2014

#108 days - the night before

My #108daystoanewlife will start tomorrow... yikes!

I am currently very tired as I have been working on getting everything ready for tomorrow... the big move to Moncton! We're all set now! 

It was a very long day!!! 

I can't wait to start this project!
I can't wait to start a new life in a new city!

I have had very good feedback up until now about the #108 days and I know some people have started their own summer challenge! This is amazing!

At this time, the 3 things I am more anxious about are:

1) getting my hair to their natural color
2) getting the tattoo
3) not eating any processed food (chips, cookies, crackers) for 108 days - not that I eat a lot but every now and then some chips are fun to eat!

the other thing I realise today when I was doing some last minute shopping is that today is the last day I can actually buy something non-essential... and even though I was really tempted, while at Old Navy, to just buy something because then I really can't for 108 days, I resisted because there really was nothing I needed! I had selected a few items and I was walking around in the store with them and I finally put them back and left...  I really no longer feel like buying just for buying...  it doesn't make me feel good anymore. Not even for a few minutes.

Ok so this is it for today... I am off to bed!!!  Finally!

Tomorrow is the start of a new adventure!

thanks for reading!
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  1. Go Nath, I'm with you!
    1) I will dye my hair a bright color
    2) Second session for my tattoo (I need 3 or 4)
    3) No processed food.
    This last one is gonna hurt but secret is not buying them when going to groceries. If you don't have at home you won't even remember them.

    I'm gonna follow these 108 days, hopefully you will get your goals. Don't be toooo hard with yourself if you really can't do it :)

    1. thanks Marta!!! I appreciate you doing some of it with me!!! Good luck to you too!