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Monday, June 16, 2014

Mixed feelings

As I start writing this on Monday June 16th, the day is pretty much over...  therefore, there are 4 complete days left in Montreal for me.  The upcoming week is CRAZY!!!  And quite frankly, I do not know how I will pull this through...  and I wanted to not write on this blog until Friday to give me more time...  but I know this is not what I should do.  Why?

Because when I started this blog on January 2011, I told you guys, but most importantly, I promised myself, that I would always be honest here. I would tell things as they are. Good things and bad things.  Success and set back.  I think I have been doing a pretty good job at it and not writing this week would be a little white lie! I do not have much time to spare but I have things to share... things you guys want to hear about.

I am 4 days away from moving 1000km away from everyone and everything I know (except for my brother). ONLY 4 days!!!  This is bringing all sort of emotions.... and unlike any decision I have announced here or project I tried, moving to Moncton and starting the 108 days is by far the scariest and most challenging one EVER!   The only other things so challenging I may have done in my life were having a son and getting over MS. And even that was not as scary!

For that reason, I have all sorts of emotions...  one minute I feel like bouncing all over the place, the other I want to cry... and yet the other I burst of laughter! 

I am feeling anxious, stress, calm and at peace...  I am scared... and I am confident that this is the right thing for us...  I am happy and exited... and yet sad to leave some people behind... I want to cry and laugh... celebrate and avoid it!  I want to say good bye but not sure how to...  without crying...

I can't wait for this week to be all over and get going...  I think it may be easier once we actually are over in Moncton in the sense that I move on quickly... but this week feel like dragging... my home is a mess..... there is almost no food left...  and not much to do as almost everything is packed away.
And yet, I am so busy... with last minute errands to run...  a funeral... an appointment at the SPA (Christmas gift), 2 more friends meeting...  and tying some loose ends.... and NONE of that I want to cancel...  I NEED to do it!

This is basically my state of mind for today... and all I can write about. I have many things in my mind right now but I do not want to bore you with stupid "to do" lists...

One thing is for sure though, I would never have done this not being a minimalist.... just thinking about moving that far in an apartment I do not even know of what size with ALL my stuff from before would have been impossible for me to do! It would have driven me crazy. Minimalism ROCKS!!!  And it opens up many more doors I didn't even knew existed.

One last thing, as my 108 days challenge start at the end of this week, I have decided to be more organized with my posting on the blog.  Therefore here's the schedule starting this Friday.

Monday: anything about life - similar to what you're used to with me
Tuesday: something about minimalism - home, clothes, shopping, activities...
Thursday: still my Vegan day - minimalist vegan of course
Friday: my 108 days project - update of the week and plan for next one

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If you started a similar project on your own, do not hesitate to use the hashtag so that I can be aware of it...  it would be fun to know that I am not alone on this crazy project!

thanks for reading!
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