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Monday, May 12, 2014

Finally... the big news!

For a few weeks now I have been saying that I was "working" on something.... that change was coming along... I could feel it....  but could not mention it! Well today I can finally announce it...

The above picture is where I current live:  Montreal!  It is one of my favorite views from the city...  and I will need to take it along with me because it might be a while before I get to see it again...

Yes, I will spread my wings and move 986km east of my current location and end up in Moncton NB!

I had to find a place to live... this is done....  and here's the view:

OK... not the best picture but because I had to do that from Kijiji, not being able to go there, it's all I can get my hands on for now!  As soon as I get there, I'll share more pictures!

This is HUGE for me...  for many reasons....

It is definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone... here's why:

1) Never moved out of Montreal... born and raised here.... 41 years total!
2) I have to find an apartment without visiting it!  not my style
3) I have to start job search in a new area for me AND my husband - very financially threatening
4)I have to switch my son school... and school system! - he doesn't love school...  scary
5) I will go and live in a city where I spent only one day!!!  Only ONE!!!
6) It is much smaller city...  70000 people compare to roughly 4 millions here!
7) Completely different lifestyle - to me, it will feel like the country!
8) I leave a lot of people behind that I love very much and will miss - I am not stupid, it is far and most won't come and visit! Even though they know they are welcome to do so
9) I leave most of my life behind - taking with me a few belongings and my dear husband and son! In preparation for this move, we sold most of our furniture, only keeping what came from my family... and we declutter much more!  A moving truck for that distance is expensive - the smaller the better!

Why am I doing this???

I need to move!  I have this increasing desire to go see elsewhere... if I can find myself!

I do not feel like I belong in this huge city anymore!
I do not feel like I belong in this province anymore!

I need some peace and quiet.
I need more nature, less shopping...
I need more  meaningful interactions, less people...
I need to be able to work at less stressful/paying job... 

Living in Moncton is cheaper (one of the 5 cheapest cities to live in in Canada)...  less stress...  it's a city in the middle of nature - there's the advantages to both! We'll be surrounded by nature... there's even a lake right across my street but yet, all the convenience will be there, walking distance, and there is public transit! The ocean is 20 minutes away!

I think this will be good for me: physically and mentally!

In fact, I know it will be...

Therefore, on June 21st, my son, husband, cat and I will take ALL our belongings, put them in a 14`truck and drive all the way to Moncton!  To have a new beginnings!

This is huge for me because quite frankly, if you would have told me even just a year ago that I would once live elsewhere then Montreal, Qc Canada I would have NEVER believed you! (of course I had dreams - but never thought I would have the courage to act on it) Seriously!  I was so sure I could never live elsewhere then in a huge city.... with all the shopping, coffee, restaurant, festivals, activities, tourists... I was sure I was born here and would die here!  Nothing would take me away from Montreal! As proof, you can read this post where I tell you how much I love my city.

Not sure what happen since that post... it was 3 years ago... but I obviously changed a lot... and I an not quite sure this is the best place to live in the world anymore!  Not for me anyway!

I have pulled away a lot from "standard" living...  being a minimalist and vegan you can sometimes feel apart...  feel like an outsider.... and choke in huge places like Montreal where consumerism is really high and steakhouses are everywhere!

I will try Moncton... and see... who knows?  I might really like it!  Or hate it and come back or go elsewhere!

Who knows???  But I doubt ever coming back here for good... I have more dreams for in a few years from now...  My husband and I want to go and try living in Madeiras or Fungal in Portugal and eventually Bali, Indonesia. Ideally, no more winter for us later on in life!

I have been taking roots for the last 41 years, and I am not intending to do so for the next 41!

Who knows where life will take me... but I am letting go now... and will see what happens....which opportunity will arise... and which doors will open!

Life is short.... I have already too many years done... sometimes I feel I completed them in a fog... but I no longer wish to do that! I am wide awake now and ready to conquer the world!  There is so much to be seen!  Why stop at Montreal?

p.s. as of June 21st, I will also start my new personal project:  "108 days to a new life"  More on that later... but I am sure you will love it! It will be fill with challenges, experiences and so much more to learn to appreciate our new lives...

thanks for reading!  and sharing!



  1. Wow! Good news :D Moving is always good! Congrats :DDD

  2. Fantastic!! I wish you the best!! You deserve it! And I'm very curious about the 108 days project!

    1. Rita,
      thank you so much...
      The 108 will be announce probably next week,,, working on the last details, rules and challenges.... ;-)

  3. WOW :) wish you the best.. and, when you decide you are ready, come to Portugal :) Because here everything is great :)))

    1. for sure... definitely on my list.... even if for only a year... I know so many people there from social media... it would be great to meet all of you in person!