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Friday, May 23, 2014

My #108 days project - introduction

I am writing this post today because I get more and more questions about my "108 days project" that I like to refer to...  I am not quite yet ready to disclose all of it but I can explain how I see it, why I am doing it and what I expect from it...  It would be a great start!

First of, as of now, I will refer to this project as: #108daystoanewlife 
I will use this # in all social media so that it will be easier to follow it's progress. And mine.

1) Why I am doing this?

Because I will be moving to another city and another province.  This is huge for me who has spent 41 years of my life in the same city. The lifestyle over there is quite different, from the information I got more in tune with what I want, but still quite different from what I am use to and it will require adjustment for several reasons. First off, I had to rent a place to live in that I have never visited in a city I do not know. This is very out of my comfort zone.  My husband and I both have to find new jobs and my son a new school.  We'll all have to make "new friends".  The daily schedule will be quite different and we'll have to adjust.  And for the first time, it will be 3 of us full time.  It will be more like a big village than a big city - going from roughly 4 millions people from all over the world to 70 000 people not as diversified.

2) What do I expect from it?

Therefore, I imagined this project to help with the transition.  If I am going to a new life, I will make a new life.  I will need to change the way I live to go even more into the direction I wish to take.  There will be no more excuses.  I wanted to get full on with this new life in a place where people have no expectation of me, do not know the "old" me and will get to know me for who I am now. I want this "who I am" to be really like who I want to be - really let my inner self come out without boundaries.  I know I am use to put barrier and build walls around me - I do not want to do this over there and this project will prevent me from doing it - at least to some extent.

3) How do I see it?

As an opportunity to assume who I am with all that this entails. An opportunity to no longer find excuses for old patterns. A chance to reinvent myself yet again... I have made several changes to my life over the last 7 years but yet, there are some that stayed in the back burner because I made up excuses...  I did not want to let people down...  I did not want to seem even weirder then I might already be...

It will be a project that will last 108 days ( I will explain why 108 days in next week's post), a project in which I will have to challenge myself, do out of my comfort zone stuff, do things I always wanted to try but never did.... I will be 108 days to work on a newer me... 

Some people have told me "but you already do enough"... "what lese can you do?"... when asked what they meant by that they told me that I was already a minimalist and vegan... that I seem like I try enough, that I make enough efforts... but this has nothing to do with it...  It is not a question of enough or not enough... 

Being vegan and minimalist may look hard or challenging but it is not really...  I sometimes felt like I was missing on something at first but no longer do!  I have discover so much more than what I may seem like having lost! The outcome of my new lifestyle is AWESOME but yet, deep down, I am not exactly where I would like to be...  I do not live exactly the life I wish I was living.  Now's the time to get there.

I know that going to Moncton will help in doing that.

Why?  It's a feeling, a burning feeling.  I just know.

I do not know why I would need to go there to do it (although I have some doubt) but I intend to find out during those 108 days.

I am not doing this #108daystoanewlife challenge to prove that I can do more - but rather to show myself that I can be who I want to be!  Completely! 100%!

This project came to me after reading several books and deciding to do a big move.  I know it will be another significant step in my life.  Why not make the most out of it and perhaps help other while living it???

Some sources of inspiration are Eat Pray Love, No impact man, 100 thing challenge, the Happiness project, yasminyoga and more...  There will be more about them in another post before the start of the project.

These will probably me the more difficult 108 days of my life to date but I intend to come out of it grown up, more sure of myself, more confident and more liberated than ever!

I will show myself who I can be and discover who I want to be. Even more than now.

And last but not least, assume being that person.

thanks for reading!
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