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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Vegan Thursday - Superfood #2 Dates

To be honest, it was not too long ago that I actually tried dates in something else then "dates squares" the very well known desert...  Their color and texture was not appealing to me...  Still a couple of years ago after a yoga practice, while at potluck, I could not say no!  It was not offered to me but rather forced into my hands... what to do?  I had to try it out! Especially that the person who "offered" it to me so kindly was waiting right in front of me for my opinion! It was actually so good that I went back for more!  A few more!  And never stopped since!

I eat them fresh or dry... but I prefer fresh!  They are nature's perfect candy!

Ever since I found out that they were not only good in my mouth but awesome for my body, I have even more reasons to eat them!

So what is so good for you in dates?
Here it is:

1) 1 cup contains roughly 110g of carbohydrates - the essential macronutrients you body needs.  On a diet of 2000 calories, that represent roughly half of your recommended daily intake of carbohydrates - you diet should contain between 45% - 65% of your calories coming from carbohydrates.

2) 1 cup contains about 20% or you recommended daily intake (RDI) of potassium - which is essential for building protein and muscles, metabolizing carbohydrates and controlling the acid-base balance.

3) 1 cup contains about 13%  of men RDI and 20% or women RDI of magnesium. Magnesium help in muscle synthesis, control of blood sugar level but also is essential for muscle and nerve function in your body.

4) they also contains huge amount of fibers which are required for proper digestion/elimination process and are a significant source of vitamin B-6

Now this list might not look very long... but remember, Superfood are food items that contains concentrated amount of certain essential nutrients!  Dates do qualify for this title! So dig in!

Now how do you eat dates?

Well some people add them to their smoothies for extra sweetness....  You can also add them to banana bread... in muffins... or chopped in oatmeal! I like to use them in my rice porridge that you can look up here. But I mostly like to just eat them plain!!!!

A greats snack for me is 3 dates with 15 almonds. This is the perfect snack... lots of protein and carbohydrates, fibers and vitamins and minerals!  It keeps you satiated for a while!

Now, if you want, I am inviting to go see my newest recipe... it qualifies for a minimalist vegan.... and it also taste amazing for none vegans!  And it is made up of rather low cost ingredients!
You can read it about it here: and it should be available by Thursday night the latest!

Here's a picture...

And stay tune for next Vegan Thursday Superfood #3:  Almonds!!!

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