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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Not so sure about Costco anymore...

Earlier this year, well exactly  3 months ago, I had made a post about becoming a member  at Costco

I wanted to do it if there was vegan and/or organic stuff... and there was! (after an illicit visit I could confirm that)

I wanted to see if it would be cheaper...  and it was. (As per the Excel file I maintained for 2 months)

I wanted to  see if  I had my shopping problems under control.... and I do.

Now why am I getting back to this today?

Because although I have saved money on individual items, although I have proved to myself that I can stick to a budget and a list while grocery shopping, something was still bothering me with this whole Costco issue...

I couldn't quite figure out what but I finally did...

1) It is further from my home.  Not THAT far but I have to walk and extra 10 minutes back and forth (for a total of 20 minutes)  to save a few dollars on item purchase. But isn't time money?

2) I have to go quite often because not having a car, I can only bring so many items back at once - therefore time adds up and I do not specifically like grocery shopping so any extra time spent doing that is not worthwhile for me.

3) I have tried going at several different time periods and it is ALWAYS packed! It drives me nuts!  And it causes even more time spent in there...  grocery shopping!

4) It is a big corporation.... trying to not encourage those to much in general so why give them my hard earned money?

5) Buying in huge quantity can indeed save you $... it is savvy...  but nothing to do with minimalism... My pantry is loaded with food (all stuff I eat but still)... food I saved money on... but it is loaded!!!  Do I seriously need 10lb of chickpeas, 10lb of red lentils, 10lb of???  I think the overloading of my pantry aggravates me more then the money saved.

6) We ended up eating more because we had more food available!

7) Once I am in Moncton, I will be even further away from Costco then I am now... time is money.... remember?

For all those reasons, this may not be the best way for me to save $ on groceries....  it is not working out!  I am not willing to overload my pantry and increase my stress to save a few dollars on food!

I will have to figure something out... I know there is a Bulk Barn near my place in Moncton.  This may be a nice alternative:  saves $ and control the amount I bring in my place! AND it is more ecological as there is minimal packaging involved!

After all money saved at the expense of stress is not really worth it... not for me anyway!

What about you guys?  Do you go to Costco?  How do you deal with the overload of anything? Does it stress you out?

thanks for reading!
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