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Friday, May 30, 2014

Why 108 days for my new project?

Why did I choose 108 days form my project #108daystoanewlife???

So many people working on self development project go for 100 days  (#100daysofhappiness), a month, 6 months or most often a year, why would I choose 108 days?

Because I thought 100 days was already taken....  for #100daysofhappiness and I wanted this project to be a little more than that.  Although, this is what really inspired me at first, I soon realise that I already  had this habit of being grateful for one nice thing every day... it might not be challenging enough.

Because I thought that a month would not be enough...  and 6 months would be like half a year so why not do a complete year??? I think a year might be too much for what I want to accomplish...

I needed something to help me with the Montreal - Moncton move... something that would allow me to blossom in my new environment...  

Therefore I selected 108 days...  because that number has a lot of significance in Eastern cultures AND in maths!

My friend Yasmin had already did 108 sun salute for 108 days and it changed her life... that was back in 2010... so she is some inspiration for the selection of the number of days!

108 is significant mathematically because:

- it is 9 dozen - semiperfect number
- it is a hyperfactorial of 3
- it is divisible by the total number of it's divisor - 12 : therefore it is a refactorable number...

but enough with that... you can check out Wikipedia for more on math and number 108...

It is also interesting to know that:

- a baseball has 108 stitches
- there is 108 cards in a deck of UNO cards
- 108 Fahrenheit is the internal body temperature at which the human organs begins to fail due to overheating
- in India, 1-0-8 is the toll free emergency phone number
- 108 times the earth diameter is the diameter of the sun

This is all really nice.. but more importantly...  at least to me, 108 is a significant number in Buddhism and Hinduism and you may say I am neither of that, and you're right, BUT they do influence my life daily by my yoga practice.

Why is it such an important number for those 2 religions?

- there are 108 beads in a mala used for mantra
- Shiva has 108 names and so does Buddha
- it is believe there are 108 feelings
- it is believe there are 108 temptations preventing us from reaching nirvana
- in Japan, Buddhist bells are ring 108 times at the end of a year and beginning of a new year

...and much more...

In numerology, 108 is also interesting because it contains:

1: beginning of everything
0: no beginning and no end
8: infinity

and it's sum is 9...  3x3

Therefore, as you can see, 108 is a quite special number....  in religions, traditions, numerology, astronomy, math and much much more if you look it up on the net...
I could spend all night writing about 108!!!

And this is why I chose 108 days to start my new life....

We are exactly 3 weeks away from that big adventure... 21 days!!!!  Time flies!!!

I am getting ready.... and a little anxious...  I have put the bar high enough!  Next week I will share my rules and objectives with you! I am currently finalizing all that.

In the mean time, you can go back to last week's post to find out more about my #108daystoanewlife project here .

Have a lovely week end...

thanks for reading!
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