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Monday, November 30, 2015

4th day... of my 367 days shopping ban

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Well... I did survive the "Black Friday" week end... off to a good start I guess...

Did a lot of thinking... and talking with my husband... the timing to start this project is actually not the best... but it will be interesting.  I am going to some personal tough times...  where I would usually react by shopping a lot more... and now I can't! But really I could... there is no LAW per say... but I don't want to! I want this challenge to be successful! I am looking forward to it.

I also want to use this project to figure out where my money goes... technically, each month we have an extra 500$ or so... without my husband doing overtime.  Therefore, my debt should have gone done by 500$ each month... but it did not! Therefore it is pretty safe to assume that this money is obviously going somewhere...  but not toward paying debt or in my back account...

This is why I will pull out 210$ per week for groceries (and in my case groceries also include non food items such as soap, lotion, light bulb... and cat food/litter...)  I am pretty sure that this is not quite enough as toward the end of the week, I, most of the time, end up using debit at the grocery store.... but I also know that I use part of that for coffee and treats that should more likely be in another category of my budget.  By keeping all the bills of anything spend out of that 210$ per week... and by using this amount for grocery related items only, I will figure out where that money goes...  and if it is really needed, I can create another category in my budget... and if need be adjust my weekly grocery budget so that it actually reflects what it is. Having a much more accurate budget certainly is the key in my case. And knowing what could and should go towards debt re-paying will surely make it work - my goal is to actually have an amount assigned in my budget toward paying debt that won't be random month per month...

I am doing this because debt is slavery and savings are freedom!

I am currently reading the book "JOY in every moment" by Tzivia Gover.  It is quite interesting....

I liked it where she mentioned that "...the sun and stars are always shinning..." It is true...  and it reminded my that when we have a cloudy day (weather or life related) we tend to forget that the sun is still there... and so is our inner JOY or happiness.... it may be overclouded but not gone.  At any time, we should remember that and be able to tap into it!

Be who you are... DREAM your life... LIVE your dream...

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