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Thursday, November 19, 2015

My shopping ban!


remember a few days ago I posted something about the documentary "The true cost" ? I had also said that it triggered in me a desire to jump on another challenge...  but I had to work on the details...

Well here it is:  I will go on a shopping ban between Friday November 27th 2015 (yes Black Friday) and Friday November 25th 2016 (which is most likely going to be next Black Friday) inclusively!

I chose that day to start as it is one of the worse shopping day of all year in America and I certainly do not wanna be part of it!

If you remember correctly, I started this blog to help me with my shopping addiction and because I had declare a shopping ban for 2011.  It lasted just about 6 months and then I gave in...  I must say that over time, I still worked on my minimalism and shopping issues and after seeing this movie, I felt like I needed to do that. Shop much less and smarter.

My motto is now:

Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.

I had many discussions with my husband on how to address this in a sustainable way and to avoid setting myself up for failure again...  I wanted to be strict... but also allow for some fun...  I wanted to be able to do stuff I like while not hurting others as much...  I wanted to decrease my carbon footprint furthermore without feeling like I cannot enjoy myself or get stuff I need - and sometimes just want.

Now, about needs and wants...  I need to define those terms... as we tend to have transferred all out wants into needs.  At least here in America.  We need this new perfume... or this new winter jacket!  We absolutely need this new color of nail polish... or that purse!  And who could live without this new Christmas china???  But all those created needs are not real needs.... they are barely what our society makes us believe we need even if we can't afford it.... just so some of us (no you nor me obviously) gets richer while all the others get poorer!

Therefore, as of next week, a "need" is going to be something I absolutely can't do without cuz my life depends on it! And that should not be many things as our life really do not depend on that much aside from some food, a roof over our head and some clothes...  after all, it is kind of cold here in Moncton New-Brunswick!

Therefore, after several discussion and debate with my husband, I cam up with the following rules that I will need to follow and that he will try and follow with me.  Please note that this really is just my thing....  as usual, my husband is lovely enough to jump on that crazy new adventure with me but I will not hold a grudge if he jumps off when he's had enough... Also, this, in no way, does concern my son.  Although he is a very reasonable shopper, I understand that being a teenager is not the best time in one's life to stop/avoid consumption of goods.... but I am teaching him to think before he buys... only buys if he has the money... prioritize his needs/wants and most of the time the one-in-one-out rule so that he stays away from clutter... I must say, he is much better then I was at his age!


1)  I can only buy personal stuff if I need to replace something. One-in-one-out kind of!

  And if that happens, first I need to look at locally what I can find...  then second hand...  if all that fails, I am allow to go to a store BUT I must make sure that I will beat the crap out of this item and that it will need to die before I replace it with something else.... and that I get the best quality I can afford.
And I MUST say, that as it stands now, I really do not NEED anything for my personal use.  I have enough clothes/jewelry for all seasons... enough stuff for my kitchen... enough books to read...  and these are really the only things I buy for myself.

There will be one (OK two...) exception to the second hand stuff:  underwear/socks and footwear. I really do prefer to buy those new for hygienic reasons.

2) I will accept gifts...  but strongly suggest to people wanting to offer me something that it be something that I can use up (food, tea, candles, incense...), something that is local... or second hand. Or a plant!

3) If I want to give something to someone, I will gravitate toward the same thing as in 2)...  or something I made! And do not thing this is me being cheap... I need to do this for a year!  You will survive if I can!

4) If I run out of books.... or want to read something different... there is always the public library!

5) Obviously, magazine are out the window...  because their only purpose really is just to make you wanna buy stuff... The only exceptions would be a National Geographic or Scientific America type magazine... and then again, only if there is something in there really interesting me.

I think this covers pretty much everything...

As for leisure, I am still allowed to "do" stuff like movies...  or other type of entertainment... or take time away in other cities...
I can still go out for meals or tea with friends...
I can still take a yoga class...
I can still support some local artisans from here and elsewhere in the Maritime...  but not use this as a mechanism to spend all my money... it has to be random and justified...

My main goal is to learn to shop yet more intelligently and spend my scarce money in a much better way!  My second goal is to pay off debt  and put some money aside for early retirement.  I am starting with 1 year but secretly hoping I could do this for 3!  And then retire...

Is there anything you think I may have forgotten???
Anything else needs to be covered that I cannot think of?

Be who you are... DREAM your life... LIVE your dream...

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