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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Preparing to move as a minimalist - and a trick to chose what to keep or not

In 17 days I will be moving almost 1000Km from where I am currently...  This is my biggest move ever in distance but thanks to being a minimalist, it will also be the simplest one.

Every time I've moved since 2007 I have let go of stuff... because I keep going from small to smaller! Because I realise that you really do not need that much furniture when you have nothing to put in it or on it! Because I realise that I like to move and that the less I own, the easier it is!

There is 3 of us and we're leaving in a 14' rented U-Haul truck. My smallest moving truck ever and there is not doing a few "boxes" by car a few days before. Which we always used to do!
(all our stuff could have actually fit in a 10' truck but we needed to sit 3!)

I did share with you before picture of where I live now, before we decided to move that far.  Ever since, we've let go of even more stuff.

Stuff we've let go of:

1) keyboard - because who am I kidding, will not learn that in the next couple of years for sure
2) a chair from Ikea
3) a small black cupboard in my living room to store DVDs and the like...
4) a huge piece of furniture to put books/decorative items etc...
5) kitchen islet
6) more dishes and kitchen stuff
7) more clothes
8) more books/DVD/CD
9) more toys
10) kitchen table - OK this one will need to be replaced - but we'll buy used and wood
11) couch - also will be replaced - it was not in very good shape- not sure yet to replace with what
12) appliances - fridge and stove are included in my new place and washer and drier will buy used

This is a lot of stuff... and as a result we can really pack up and leave in no time! Which is great!!

Also, the smaller the moving truck, the cheaper it is and the less gas it takes!  $$$ saved!

Personally, I do not see the point in owning appliances and moving them around with me.  But hey that's just me!

One question I get often is how do you chose what to keep and what to donate/toss? Sometimes it gets to a point where it seems like there is no more...  You're OK the way things are with the stuff you have. And then, you get this "itch" to get rid of more.... but you're not quite sure what? and why? and you wonder if you're making a mistake... or if you're just going overboard!

Well first of, there is no going overboard here! It's your stuff, you're free to choose what to do with it! Never mind what people say or think!  Are they the ones living in your home???

When you really think about it, all you absolutely need is a few pieces of clothes to cover your body, a toothbrush, a towel, something to eat in and with, something to drink in and stuff to prepare food! Along with a roof over your head.... all the rest really is optional!  I am not saying they are not nice things to have (and I could never be THAT minimalist).... but as long as you keep the bare minimum, you're not going overboard!  So no worries!

Over my 7 years of slowly becoming a minimalist, I have tried several method and I have read a lot about it!!!  I can tell you that they all work to some extent...  but of course, it also depends on the person using them.  You can always "cheat"...  but that's up to you.

One method I currently love, is assuming my home burns down...  completely.... what would I buy back???

Now do not think I am insensitive... it would make me sad... for a few pictures that would be lost forever... and 4 sentimental items I keep...  one from a good friend, one from my brother and 2 from my son...

However, if it all comes to that, the only thing I would actually buy over again are:

1) clothes - but much less then what I still have
2) 1 plate/bowl/ mug/mason jar per person in my home (along with cutlery)
3) stuff to cook and bake (along with food of course!)
4) 2 beds (one for my husband and I, one for my son)
5) 2 chest drawers (master bed room / kid room)
6) 2 night stands (master bed room / kid room)
7) 2 small bookcases (living room / kid room)
8) a few books I would definitely replace - definitely not all of them
9) one table
10) 3 chairs
11) one "couch"
12) maybe one television/PS4 - if my son would still live with us at that time
13) lap top for work

and most of that I would buy used....

This list is a good indication of what to me is a minimum...
For some it might comprise more items...
And yet, for others even less...

But that is not what matters more... what really does matter is that you are comfortable with what you own.... that you are free to pick up and leave anytime because who knows what opportunity may come along?

What matters to me is all the excess free time I have because I do no have so much to clean... this time can be spent with my husband and son... with friends...  doing yoga...  reading... writing....  stuff that in the end really does matter!!!

They say that when you die, your life flashes before your eyes....  If that is true, I know I'd rather see me doing those things mentioned above than cleaning/vacuuming/maintaining lifeless stuff!

Do you know what your absolute minimum is?  Have you thought about it?

thanks for reading!
and please share if you like this blog!!!


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