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Friday, June 13, 2014

#108days - The inspiration


Friday means writing about my #108 days project!

I am really exited by this project and the feedback I am getting thus far. I didn't even start the 108 days and people are expressing their enthusiasm for it.

This is starting in 8 days!  On June 21st.  The day on which I am leaving Montreal and Quebec as a place to live.

I wanted to do this to get a good start to my new life in Moncton, New-Brunswick. There are quite a bit of challenges awaiting me there and I want this to be a positive experience.  I figured out that sharing the first 108 days with your guys would help me!

Last week I have shared my rules with you.  You can read them here if you missed it.

In that post I said that the rules, from now on could not change.  I really meant could not become less...  I can add if I want to!  ;-)
Therefore today, I want to share with you a new rule and a "maybe" rule... 

1) For 21 days, there will be no television - now I already do not have cable but I will not be allowed to watch Netflix either. Not even on my phone! Giving Netflix and the black box a break!
2) Currently thinking about doing a "raw till 4" period -most likely 7 days. Only need to figure out which 7 days it will be.

As for my inspiration for this challenge they are:

1) Liz Gilbert with Eat, Pray,Love.  What she did inspired me and I wish I could do that. Being realistic, I can't do it at this time of my life therefore I will play around with it.  However the goal is similar...  by turning in, and going out of my comfort zone, I hope I'll be able to answer a few more questions I have about my life.

2)Yasmin Yoga - my yoga teacher for 2 years.  She did a 108 sun salute for 108 days a few years back.  It changed her life. I am hoping for some changes.  I love my life as is but some spheres could be improved.  I will work on that.

3) Tasmanian minimalist - she decided to not buy anything for a whole year!  I will aim for 108 days.... and add more to it. Hopefully I will take care of the remaining issues I have with shopping.  I have already addressed most of it but in case of stress or negative emotions, this is still a "go to" activity for me. Moving to a new city and a new province will bring me lots of happy moments but I am not naive.... there will be stress and sadness.... and it will require adaptation.  I do not want to go back to my old shopping pattern because of those emotions.

4) #100happydays - On Instagram, a few people are posting picture of their happy moment for the day...  I think this will help me concentrate to the positive side of this big life change.

5) The happiness project - no need to add a lot to that. She took a year to be happier, I will try and do it in 108 days. It is not a competition... it is just the time period my schedule is allowing me!

6) The art of non-conformity - I will take some of his stuff to include in my life.  At 41, I still tend to care way to much what other people think of my life.  It's time I grow up and live my life... the way I want to...  the way I see it deep down inside of me.  Who cares about what such and such have to say?

So this is it... my inspiration for this 108 days...

Hopefully you will follow me in this adventure and give me feedback...  Honest feedback! 

thanks you, thank you, thank you!

thanks for reading!
and please share if you like this blog!!!


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