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Friday, June 20, 2014

#108 days - the night before

My #108daystoanewlife will start tomorrow... yikes!

I am currently very tired as I have been working on getting everything ready for tomorrow... the big move to Moncton! We're all set now! 

It was a very long day!!! 

I can't wait to start this project!
I can't wait to start a new life in a new city!

I have had very good feedback up until now about the #108 days and I know some people have started their own summer challenge! This is amazing!

At this time, the 3 things I am more anxious about are:

1) getting my hair to their natural color
2) getting the tattoo
3) not eating any processed food (chips, cookies, crackers) for 108 days - not that I eat a lot but every now and then some chips are fun to eat!

the other thing I realise today when I was doing some last minute shopping is that today is the last day I can actually buy something non-essential... and even though I was really tempted, while at Old Navy, to just buy something because then I really can't for 108 days, I resisted because there really was nothing I needed! I had selected a few items and I was walking around in the store with them and I finally put them back and left...  I really no longer feel like buying just for buying...  it doesn't make me feel good anymore. Not even for a few minutes.

Ok so this is it for today... I am off to bed!!!  Finally!

Tomorrow is the start of a new adventure!

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