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Friday, May 9, 2014

television and my style


there are 2 subjects I wish to address with you today... and I realise that Fridays are often like that... No idea why but is seems like all the work and thinking from the week is giving me results and I am getting a lot of answers for myself. But really in the end, they might be more related than what it seems at first!

First off, I have completed one month without cable TV!  Hurray! (if you want to see my initial post on that decision you can do so here ) It was MUCH easier than I expected... and I haven't watch any of the show I was following before on any device!
I have let go of my attachment to  Elementary, NCIS, Hawai 5-0!  Of course a part of my wonder how all those series are ending... but when I come to think of it more seriously, it really doesn't matter...  because they are NOT real!  They are not real people... or real stories!  They are made up to entertain us at best... and condition us at worse! My friend Joshua explained it really well in a post on his blog that you can read here.  I completely understand and agree with what he's saying!

As you may know, I took a subscription to Netflix for 8$ per month!  This is saving me 72$ per month... and giving me hours of free time! I find that we are not using Netflix as much as I thought we would.  My husband and I have basically watch 5 movies and one more with my son (always on rainy week end days).  I have completed 2 documentaries and currently watching another one. My son does watch a few shows but him too has decrease the number of hours he spends on the television!  Honestly Netflix is nice but not as easy to use as randomly flipping aimlessly the channels.

I use to watch about 12-13 hours of television per week...  in the last month it dropped to about maybe 5h per week...  This is an extra 7-8 hours for ME!  Extra hours that I can use towards more significant stuff!  I have read much more!  I also did more yoga and meditation. I have slept a little more... and started enjoying tea instead of watching TV!

My husband and I now have our daily tea after lunch while chit-chatting before he goes to work and me to job hunting!
I also have another tea ritual later on during the day... while reading by Ganesh...

I also realise that we talk to each other a LOT more...  even my 13 years old son his becoming more talkative about his day and his dreams!

All in all, this has been an EXCELLENT decision...  next step will be to take the television completely out the door!  I know it is just a matter of time before it happens...

All those changes are bringing me closer to who I am... it is actually taking me away from self-created needs and wants! For the longest time I wanted to be fashionably dress... and depending on the phases of my life I was or was not... but I always wanted to own many clothes, many different styles... and I could not set my mind on anything!  Would I see a movie or TV show I liked I wanted to be dress like that...  taking this visual stimulation away has forced me to turn more to meditation/yoga/reading/tea time and has allow me to really reconnect with myself! Yes minimalism has made me decrease the number of clothes I own... but the not various styles... which are not always reflecting the real me. Therefore I was never really satisfied with my decluttering...  Always felt like I had too much... because I had stuff that was not me!

And today, just like that... it happened... I now know HOW I like to dress.. WHAT I am comfortable in and WHY!  I know what will need to go...  once I fully completely accepted this new realisation about myself.

I like to dress very simply....  jeans and t-shirt... in cooler temperature.... and shorts and t-shirts in warmer temperature... an occasional skirt...
Mostly neutral bottoms (blue jeans or khaki pants/short) and color on tops!
Scarves.... and layered jewelry...
Shoes have to be converse or flip flop!
I can do black pants if I have too... and hence I will keep a pair of black pants and a long and short black skirt.... in case... you know stuff happens!

Here's what will probably go and never come back in my wardrobe:
I am no longer sure about leggings...
I know I am not the type to wear a blouse... unless it is very Bohemia like...
Dress if I have too... for that reason I will keep the ones I have but won't be buying anymore... (I have 2 four seasons and one summer)

This is due to the fact, I ma petty much convince of that, that I am much less exposed to images... to stimulation of what I should look like... This way of dressing comes from ME!  My lifestyle...  how I like to feel!  Why try and look like something I do not wish to be or for activities I do not wish to do?!?

This is it!  My first month without cable TV.... and I have move along in finding myself!

Why don't you give it a try? You'll see... it's not half as bad as it seems!

thanks for reading!  and sharing!


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