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Friday, April 4, 2014

This week's summary -all about minimalism and veganism

This week has been very different than my typical weeks!

It started with a new wardrobe!!!  Here are 2 of my favorite outfits of this week.  I will no longer post every single outfits... only those that stand out to my eyes!  It felt good to be in different colors than March.  I love this mustard vest!

Then I have finally found my perfect chai recipe.  I have talked about that in yesterday's post.  All I want to do with that now is add a picture of what the concentrates chai liquid looks like:

I know...  not very appetizing... but it smell wonderful and taste amazing!!! This is 2 cups of liquid concentrate: enough to last me about 4-5 days.

I also tried one of my homemade all purpose cleaning agent on my kettle.  This kettle is 12 years old.  It was stained and changed color and nothing I would try (organic all purpose cleaners) would bring it back to it's original look.  My homemade cleaning agent did!  I have spray a solution of 1:4 orange vinegar and water on the kettle - then using a Parmesan cheese dispenser filled with baking soda I have sprinkled baking soda on the kettle - allow to work for a few seconds - scrub and rinse and voila!!  Here's my "new kettle:

It actually shines so much that if you pay close attention, you can see my reflection in it! (bet you just did that, didn't you?)  This same method has proven VERY effective in my kitchen sink with had small "rust" spots - not rust per say but the color of it....  and that too I could not take away with regular organic cleaning agents.  It is now like brand new - unfortunately, I forgot the before and after picture for that!  Maybe next time.

I can now say that I am very happy with my homemade household cleaner.  It worked much better than I anticipated.  I have to work on the laundry detergent now... 

I also did another outing at Costco.  It cost me 70$ - all within my budget and I have still manage to not buy anything I do not need or will not use!  I think I am cured of my shopping issues... not to say addiction! The highlights of this outing was that I got 2kg of peanut butter for 1$ less than the price of one kilo at my regular grocery store!  I also got organic diced tomatoes for the price of non-organic ones and 10lb of red lentils for 4.99$  Seriously?  that threw me on the floor!

My husband and I also took our Christmas gift certificate to go to the Scandinave Spa in the Old Montreal.  I love this place... it was a good break in between submitting Minimalist Veganism and it being out... it gave me time to recenter and take a deep breath after the last very crazy few weeks!  And get extra sleep.  I always fall asleep there. The timing couldn't have been better.  And the fact that it did not cost us a penny was a blessing! And so minimalist!

Last but not least, my eBook came out!  Minimalist Veganism and is available on Amazon. I am already starting to get positive feedback!  This is really exiting!  If you wish to try new vegan recipes, learn how veganism can be very simple and inexpensive... and why it is good for you, you should get that book! It's 1.99$

And how was your week???  Crazy like mine?  Crazier?  Or more relax?  Maybe Friday night is a good time to reflect upon the past week and prepare for the next one...


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