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Monday, May 6, 2013

Wonderful summer week end!

I do not have much to say today.. it is one of those days... a Monday where you feel like the week end was way too short... even thus I had a 3 days week end!

I was off on Friday because I had paperwork to work on for "Life Happens" in order to get ready for some interviews...  So I took my bike and rode along my son to his school... stopped at a nearby Starbucks coffee shop to enjoy my usual chai latte and do my work...  Then I rode back home to have lunch and go see my husband who was waking up (he works nigh shift)...  and we took our bike back to my son school... walked around the area and rode back home with my son..  a very simple day...  filled with bike ride, walking and taking in the beautiful sun!!!  I also discovered an amazing store for cute kitchen stuff... Vde V maison I may go back there!  :-)

On Saturday, we rented a car... we had not done that in over a month...  but my son had his judo lessons and it was to far and to early to get there any other way!  I surely did not miss driving!  and it is pretty safe to say that I hate it more and more.... Then my son went to paintball with my husband...  He loves that!!! And we finished the day at Chapters... and I got Mandy Ingbers Yogalosophy!!!  It is amazing!

On Sunday, we all took a long bike ride...  to different places...  all in all 3h!!!  It was amazing!!!
Then later in the night I played some video game with my son! Star Wars Lego!  I know... not my thing... but it makes my son so happy to be able to make fun of mommy for about 30 minutes... once in a while!!! 

So basically my week end was filled with "nothing" particular...  we surely did not spend lots of money (lifetime member at paintball so that was free)...  but we were all happy!!!  All 3 of us!!!  Just to be there.. enjoy the nice weather.... and really nice bike rides!!! We could have gone on like that forever...  but then reality hits!!! and we're back at work and my son to school...

and that is OK too!!!  You know why?  because if we were doing only that every day... for ever...  it might become boring...  people need to do different things...  learn,work, play, relax....  and move their bodies!!!  It's an equilibrium...  too much of anything is not good!!!  Even too much of your favorite thing!!!

So Monday is a bit rough...  but it'll get better and before you know it.. there will be another week end!!!  and that is life...  just like nature as seasons and day and nights... we have work, play, sleep...  week end and work week...  and it is perfect as it is!!!

As long as you're happy in work, play and sleep...  you have to be...  cause they all represent 1/3 of your life....  so make it so that you're happy in all those spheres of life and you'll be happy overall!!! 

Life is wonderful!!!  Enjoy!!!

love and peace,


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