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Friday, May 10, 2013

New to minimalism? Confused? Lost?

this is from a previous post from February 28th 2011 and you may enjoy it if you are new to minimalism, confused about it or just do not know where to start..... It was written 2 months after I started this whole process seriously....  and about 3 years after my initial introduction to minimalism (yes I come from that far....  I was such a shopaholic, it is not even funny!)...  I am putting it up again today because some of you may be new to the process... have drawbacks and wonder how we do it!  Well, my dear, it takes time!  For most of us it's a process that takes years to achieve...  (whatever is in italic comes from February 2011) 

I am the kind of person always questioning herself.... Am I doing the right thing? Could I do more? Does this make sense? Is there a point? Does it helps anyone? Does it makes me happy?
I have very few expectations from life aside from being happy... that also includes my son and husband being happy!
Happiness to me does not include a big house, fancy car and travelling... for those of you who may not have get that up until now... ;)
(and as time goes by, I am more and more convinced of that)

Saturday night, after putting my lovely son to bed, my husband and I had a nice discussion... I had been thinking all day... and so he knew I was up to something! What I had been thinking about was one sentence in a movie we all watched together Friday night. The sentence was (not necessarily exact quote) "sometimes the good decision may not be the good thing to do"... what does this mean? not quite sure yet...
What did this sentence trigger in me? Putting my year resolution in question! (my resolution in 2011 was to not buy anything that was not essential)

Now, what if I was doing all this for nothing? What if it was already too late? Or too little? What if I had no impact or anyone? Might as well shop, spend money, use my car, eat anything etc...
I mean there are no sure answer to all those questions... and my husband certainly did not have the answers either... But what he made me realize is that I have to do what makes ME happy NOW! After all it is my only expectation from life! So I have to go for it...

If what I am doing is enough or not? Who cares really? At least I am giving it a try!
If I am doing this for nothing? No because this is what makes me happy! Even if it does not have the impact I wish for... it is a beginning...
Is it too late? Probably not... as long as there is life, there is hope!
Too little? Probably.... but every small step count!
What if it has no impact? I can see an impact on my son! So if only that... It was worth it! And I have a few people reading me so I am at least playing with their minds... lol!

And my husband vision on that is, when I am going to leave this world, I should not have regrets!
So I have to live in such a way not to have any! And that includes giving it a try!
Trying a more sustainable way of living!

So as a result, I decided to keep on going... hey, might as well give it a shot!!!
What do I have to lose???

So after that discussion, I was feeling better... and I was OK for another 4 months... then in June, I slipped and went shopping (yes for non-essential thing - this post is a confession!)...  you can read about it here...   you might enjoy it!  It is really short and it shows that nobody's perfect.... and it's trial and error.... and nothing is easy.... and you will have drawbacks!!!  Just acknowledge them, enjoy and move on!!!  No need to feel remorse or punish yourself...  Life is too short!

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love and peace,

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