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Monday, May 20, 2013

More free time

When I decided to write this post...  I wanted it to be about freedom....  For a long time, I have been looking for a way to work less 9 to 5 and have more free time...  more freedom...  I even referred to my job as jail time...  even thus I sincerely love what I do, I feel like I am stuck... sometimes...   not having flexibility of time, hours, revenue... the way I love to dress...  this was the premise of this post...

Now, I started looking for a picture....  of a butterfly, a bird, a horse running, a wild tiger...  the ocean, or the sky...  pictures that to me reflected freedom... and there was lots of it...  it would have been easy to pick any or all of these!  But I saw the above picture and it `called`me... 

For sure birds, butterflies, wild horses or wild tigers may look free to us...  because they do not have 9 to 5 jobs with a dress code and things that are frond upon...  but are they really more free? They still have to find shelter, food, run for their lives....  it is not easier...  is it freedom?  Well it all depends on how you define freedom...  and I think that it may change from one person to another....  and as time goes by...  or does it? 

So what is freedom? Can we ever be really free?  what would make me feel free?  Having more flexibility in my job... I am working to address that...  when I actually start my coaching, I will have the option to decide how many hours I want to do, how many clients I want to work with! Of course this will have a financial impact!  So I had to work out my budget in details...  minimalism is wonderful for that!!!  Living cost me 50% of what it use to a few years ago!!! 

What else would make me feel free?  Being able to pick up and go anytime...  not be attached to a place... and apartment...  stuff...  and I think I am pretty much there!  Honestly, the only tie I have now is my son....  who still needs me...  and his dad... since we are not together, not sure that he wants to go where ever I go!  Now, being a coach can be done anywhere... so my job can go with me!!! and my clients too... And ``Life Happens`` will also follow me anywhere...  so this is work to go!!!

Anything else?  I think there a lot more to freedom than what I just mentioned...  for sure I will be able to do a job I love....  writing books, writing this blog and coaching people...  I am not attached to stuff...  this is a big part of it!  But what about freedom in our heads... 

The picture above says to ``take away theses chains that are holding me back``  ...  realistically speaking I am almost free of my chains...  but what about figuratively speaking?  Do I feel really free all the time up there?  Do I have preconceive ideas? judgments? do I stop myself because of what people may say or think? Do I have old patterns trying to sneak up on me? Do I still have clutter in my head sometimes?  Do I live in the present moment 100% of the time?

The answer to these questions are sometimes yes.. sometimes no...  and which is which is irrelevant here...  but I think that to be free, you need to be clutter free all the time in your head....  with no judgments, old patterns, preconceived ideas... you need to live in the present moment at all time!  And this is the tough challenge to be free...  my husband used to tell my that freedom is in your head... and I would argue that I was stuck in so many ways...  but he would say that I could still be free in my head...  and now I understand what he meant...  yes I will still be free from a 9 to 5 job eventually...  yes I will be a coach, writer and blogger and earn a decent living like that... I am not dependent on material possession anymore... but I still need to be free in my head!!!  I am not quite there yet...  and this is my new challenge...  for sure my meditation and yoga practice help a lot...  but I still need practice... still need to pay more attention to the present and less to the future or the past...  just because one is gone and I can`t change it and the other may never come!  So what is the point?

And you, what are your chains? A relationship? Friendship? Family? Job? House? Material possessions? Living in the past? Living in the future? Having a million things in your head? A busy agenda?

p.s. I did not mention relationship, friendship, family or busy agenda before because there were handled a while ago for me... but they need to be addressed to in order to be free!  What if someone is holding you back?

One last thing...   I came across another sentence that got my attention...  ``I liberated 1000 slaves and I could have liberated another 1000  had they know they were slaves`` (Harriett Tubman)  So is slavery or freedom just in our head? an illusion?  if these 1000 people did not know they were slaves...  were they?  or were they free?

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love and peace,

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