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Monday, May 27, 2013

Mix and match - How to have a verstatile minimalist wardrobe for Project 333- Part 1


we had an horrible week end here in Montreal... temperature wise... but it turned out great for me!!!

Starting with this pair of jeans...


which I've had for a few years...  and was not wearing so much because I was limiting myself in what I could wear with them... because of the color and pattern of the patches...

I wanted to make them more wearable because they are really comfortable!!!  So I invested a few hours....  yes... it took me actually close to 2 hours to remove all the patches...  and do a good job and not damage the jeans while removing them...    I then washed and dried the jeans to "remove" the threading wholes...  and now they look like that:

(picture was actually taken before the washing....  and in different light obviously then the previous so they look like they're a different color but they're not!)

So in order to dress minimally, one should know that every bottom (whether a skirt, pants or shorts) should have at least 3 tops...    and then any given top should go with more than one bottom....  so what I did, I selected a few of my favorite tops...  and took pictures with those jeans...  the same tops will be in more picture in Wednesday's post....  to show you the actual mix & match!

Obviously, almost anything would go  with those jeans, but I created 4 looks that are somewhat different and yet reflect my personality and lifestyle!

Here they are:

I am obviously not a professional photographer... and not well equipped for that.. and I was alone when taking those pictures so I had to do what I can....  but I really wanted to give you some long overdue pictures!!! 

Also note that I did not accessorize.... I do not do it overly in everysay life but I am almost always wearing bracelets or necklaces.

So one jeans... 4 combinations...  for warmer to cooler temperature.. and it can even adapt during the day in some instances... for example, removing the jacket on the second picture and keeping the scarf! Reusing jeans is quite easy...  people do not realise it....  and they can easily adapt from one look to another depending on jewelry and shoes... and this is why jeans is actually the basis of my wardrobe! Another way to do this would be to use a neutral pant, like black, brown, navy, gray or beige... this too can easily go with many different tops and create may looks! But you have to minimize the color of your bottoms to allow for more color on the top.  I usually have fairly neutral bottoms and more colored tops...  except for one skirt with is in tone with many tops and I will show you in the next post how what to do with a colored skirt you like and want to adapt to your wardrobe!

the next post I will do on Wednesday, will show you how reusing some of those tops, I can create different looks with different bottoms... and if I can get my act together, Friday's post will be on how to create a luggage for a few days away... my style of a few days away... obviously simple...  relaxed and spent wandering in a city somewhere! Inclluding accessories!

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love and peace,

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