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Monday, July 23, 2018

Home sweet home

I have mentioned before that in a few years, my husband and I will pack everything and move into a RV for as many years as we wish for...

Then why would I title a post "home sweet home"? It seems contradictory for someone who wishes to pick up and go, just wander from one place to another, to think home sweet home! Right?


But first, we had to define: what is home?

Some people define home as the place they grew up, others, as the place with all their family and/or belongings... where their familiar food is to be found... and I could go on and on... when we sold our house and moved into an apartment, it took me a year to feel home...I felt like I was missing out on so much -the extra space, the basement, the backyard, the pool! Then, I changed the way I was thinking and started looking at what I had gained: less cleaning and maintenance hence more time, cheaper and as a result more money to do things I loved... more time to spend with my young son... and from there I started changing the way I saw my life and started to look at my priorities differently.  It was at that time that I started my journey into yoga and minimalism.

I started to look inside of me, trying to figure out who I was, who I wanted to be. I digged deep... and when I thought I had reach the bottom I digged some more, only to realize that at 35 years old, I was nothing like I had picture myself as a grown up... I was too self-centered, way too materialist, unbelievably stressed and tired, focused on all the wrong things with a bigger then nature ego! I had became everything I despised while growing up! Everything I swear I would never be. I hated myself... therefore I could only see one option: change.  And I took it! Slowly but surely I started changing to who I was deep down, who I always wanted to be before I started listening to people telling me who I should be...

In 16 years together my husband and I have lived in 8 different places (including 6 different cities in 2 provinces). We have moved so often... every time bringing less and less stuff with us... and over time we learned to make it feel like home almost as soon as we got there...

Now, basically, I wash the floors, put my bed up, burn some insence and bring my food - then, I can call it home! Home is easily achieve for us now...

After spending a few week ends travelling in other provinces this summer, I came to realize that I don't care where I'm at during the day... as long as I have my book, I can spend the day anywhere, but preferably closer to nature then a city, as long as I have somewhere to go to at night - ideally, a place I can call home! What I miss most when travelling is my own bed, my own food and a familiar smell.

This is probably why I like camping more then a hotel...while camping, my familiar smell is definitely there as I bring my equipment, it is kind of my own bed and I can pick the food I bring with me and eat!

Can you imagine in a RV? Where basically your home is with you at all time? It would be my bed, my whole space would be infused by my insence, I would have a small fridge and stove for all my essentials, I could park it in the woods close to a lake... and perhaps, as a bonus but not essential, even have my own shower! Alleluia!!!

The purpose of this summer wandering was for my husband and I to identify what we like or not and what we want in the near future... we changed so much over the last couple of years that we had to prove to ourselves the work we had done was successful - and it is, we no longer like to do the things we used to do even on vacation!  Well the RV life from National Park to National Park is what seems to be best for us... and by realizing that we really no longer care for cities, shopping, restaurants and those tourists traps we used to love,  we have revised the cost of living in our RV and it will just be simpler and cheaper then we expected... I just can't wait!

Home sweet home! 🚙 🌳

What defines home to you? Do you really know who you are? Did you dig deep inside of you to find who you are? Are you happy with the adult you became?

Chloe 💜&✌

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