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Friday, September 23, 2016

what to eat - what it will be about

As fall sets in, I now have more time to start working on a project some of my friends asked me about. I use to have an ebook on nutrition available on Amazon, and it had some of my favorite recipes in it, however, I took it off-line because since I publish this book in January 2014, I have dramatically changed the way I eat...  I went from vegan to whole-food plant-based (WFPB)...  90% of the time (working my way up to 95%)... the remaining 10% allows me to eat "process- package - not homemade food"...  it is my savior for when I don't feel like cooking or when I just want to treat myself to something that will please my taste buds! Although, to be completely honest, as I got to 90% WFPB, I must admit that my taste buds are less and less satified by process food and most of the time it is simply a deception.  What my friends were asking me is to update my book and put it back on-line!  But, I currently do not have the appropriate software to do so or the intention to write a book... then I realized Icould use this blog...  in several different posts under one label, for ease of finding!

The label will be " what to eat" and the posts will be as follow:

1 - Introduction - actually the post you are reading now
2 - Grocery shopping list - what you should have at all time in your cupboards
3 - What to eat for breakfast
4 -  What to eat for lunch
5 - What to eat for supper

Of course, I will not be sharing ALL my recipes... this would be too long, but rather how I put things together to come up with a meal in an easy manner... I will also share maybe 2-3 recipes per meal... and give you tips and tricks to make it simple...
I will also try, although I am not a food blogger, to share one or two recipes a month... but this never really succeeded before!  Maybe this time I will stick to it.

But first off, what is the difference between vegan and whole food plant based (WFPB)?  And why changing?

Well, technically, the way to eat is essentially the same... it includes no animal products what so ever. The difference is mostly in the way of preparing food and a WFPB is much more strict in that respect.  Ideally, you buy no process food at all...  this it what you tend to:  you make your own cookies, bread, sauce, stock, some condiments by yourself... at home... starting with whole food. IF you buy something already package, you have to make sure it contains no animal product (just like vegans) but also that it is low in added sugar, fat and salt. For example, I never buy anything that as a g fat/portion higher then 6... and try to stay as much as I can at 3 or under (this goes for everything including chips and dressings).  Trust me, that is much easier said then done. At least at first... The only exception I tolerate for myself is vegan margarine for baking cookies on some occasion and canola oil for my popcorn machine but it requires so very little.  I never cook with oil - none! And most of my baked goods are fat free also -except for the cookies and sometimes scones.   When I buy cereals, very seldomly, I ensure first ingredients is whole grain and that is had no or very very little sugar added. If I do the "fake meat" thing, I also stay under 5g fat/ portion and tend to stick to Yves or Gardein as they contain less crap in them then other fake meat available where I live. And between you and me, I just can't do the "fake cheese" anymore -way to fatty in my mouth! Problem solved for that.

The only fat tolerated are in nuts, seeds, avocados, olives and natural nut butter...
The only sugar tolerated is raw sugar...  but ideally you get your sugar directly from fruits and veggies.

You do not need process fat (shortening, margarine, oil) or white sugar... Even less so all the "fake chemical 0 calories sugars - these are killing you!  Your body much rather have the whole thing then an extracted part of something!

The "fat you eat is the fat you wear" according to Dr McDougall. Eat as little of it as you can. Especially if you want to loose weight.

Fat in the above mentionned foods also contains proteins, glucides,  fiber, vitamins and minerals... it is complete and you body knows how to process it and extract all it needs and discard what it doesn't.  Same goes for fruits, they naturally contain water, glucides, vitamins, minerals and yes even some protein!

Now, most of my diet consist of whole grains or starch as they are called:  brown rice, kamut, oat, barley, whole wheat flour, brown rice flour, white potatoes, sweet potatoes... this is the bulk of every meal!  Also, least process possible, no fat, no sugar added wole grain bread - like our granmothers use to make them!  I get mine at the farmer's market because, really, at the grocery store, there is almost no such thing at a decent price that tastes like bread. I also eat some white rice... after all Asian have been eating it for ever and they were (not so much anymore with the avent of SAD in their countries) the healthiest people on this planet.

On the side of that starch, plenty of legumes (beans, lentils, peas) and veggies!

And there you have it!  This is what to eat! It is simple, affordable, requires very little prep and can be very versatile... without ever being boring! Wait until I share more recipes and you'll see...

You can turn these in stew, soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps...

Now why did I switch?  Because the word "vegan" has a negative connotation... no need to explain this one. Also because I am doing this for health reason and I am pretty sure that lifestyle wise I am NOT 100% vegan... and nor do I care for it to be honest.  What really interest me is the diet side of it... Although, I cannot agree with any type of animal abuse (and it drives me insane and makes me really sad), this is not my battle ( just being honest with myself and you guys)... I fight for health.  Another reason it there are way to many unhealthy vegans...  people who eat little to no fruits and veggies... no legumes.... but lots of white bread, sugary cereals and fake meet and cheese... to avoid animal product without learning how to eat properly.  It is practically impossible to be unhealthy on a WFPB diet.

p.s. and if you eat like this, you probably won't even need supplements...  except for B12 vitamin which is becoming more and more rare in nature as it is a bacteria that is destroyed when we chemically process the soil for agriculture! It is more and more believed that even meat eater should take a B12 supplement!

Be who you are... DREAM your life... LIVE your dream...

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