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Monday, September 5, 2016

Less then 3 months left to my shopping ban!

As you might know, last November I started a 367 days shopping ban... and you can read more by looking for the "367 days shopping ban" label.

I thought it would be much harder then it actually was...
Did I respect ALL the rules ALL the time?  Of course not... but a challenge is not necessarily about respecting rules...  in the sense that all I really wanted to do is CHALLENGE my shopping habit and I did!!!

I did update you on a few occasions about where I was going with this... I think that, as this is getting close to an end, I can make an extra effort on following my established rules AND update you on what happen in the last month or so...

Last update I made, was after 7 months and I have now completed 9...  Therefore during the course of the summer, here's what I got:

1) a bike - but I did not spend a penny for it!!!  Someone surprised me with it...  they were cleaning out their place and remembered mine got stolen and gave me their extra one!  And it's purple!!!

2) a summer dress - OK I did not need that one... but it was not from a "regular" store and it is made in India - supposedly fair trade!

3)  went to the Salvation Army because a friend of mine had a 10$ off a 25$ purchase coupon...  we split the discount and for 15$, I go 2 skirts that can easily be worn year round, fit with many things I already own and are really "ME" skirts... and I also got a men's knitted grey sweater - I have been wanting THAT for a long time!!!

4) got a pair of Converse shoes - mine are falling apart - therefore, it is a one in/one out type thing

5) a a peace Lilly - a plant I have been wanting for a few years now (as pictured above)

Now, for the 3 months remaining, I am reminding myself of the rules I had first set up when I started this shopping ban...  here they are:

1)  I can only buy personal stuff if I need to replace something. One-in-one-out kind of!

   Try to find locally, second hand or fair trade items...

I have actually not been too bad at this...  but I must say that some stores are still quite a challenge and fall will be difficult as I love fall season for clothing...  perhaps I should stay clear of stores but it is not always possible... and how would I know how I am doing with my addiction if I don't tempt myself?

2) I will accept gifts...  but strongly suggest to people wanting to offer me something that it'd be something that I can use up (food, tea, candles, incense...), something that is local... or second hand. Or a plant!

Just like the bike I got!!!

3) If I want to give something to someone, I will gravitate toward the same thing as in 2)...  or something I made! And do not thing this is me being cheap... I need to do this for a year!  You will survive if I can!

4) If I run out of books.... or want to read something different... there is always the public library!

I have actually been very good with the public library!  It is now one of my best friend! I did not buy one book since that challenge started!  This is great new for me as book were usually my "go to" when I would do such a shopping ban - I never included them in shopping bans before knowing I could buy that it hte urge came!

5) Obviously, magazine are out the window...  because their only purpose really is just to make you wanna buy stuff... The only exceptions would be a National Geographic or Scientific America type magazine... and then again, only if there is something in there really interesting me.

Here again, no magazine at all - not even Scientific ones...
I now even think they are basically a waste of paper also... and they repeat themselves all the time!


As I am getting close to the end of this shopping ban, I realize that it has been easier then I thought it would be.  I am assuming that this as to do with my reading marathon (goal is to read 42 books before the end of the year) which is keeping me busy and away from temptation...  I also think that my increased mediation/yoga practise of the last couple of months has something to do with it...

I know I am not completely out of the woods with fall coming up...

But I am now certain that this shopping ban will have change for ever the way I shop or not!

Be who you are... DREAM your life... LIVE your dream...

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