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Thursday, October 15, 2015

what makes my world go round... take 4

I like to do this post every now and then.... especially when I feel like I am moving on to a new phase of my life... and this is such a time.  I, myself, like to tell people not to hold on to bad-relationships for the wrong reasons... I should follow my own comment.

This post always makes me realize the life is AMAZING.... no matter what...  keeps me positive and going...  after all, I've had my share of rough time... I've seen worse then what is going on now! And actually, I am quite peaceful about it all.... as if a huge weight had been taken off my shoulder.

So what does make my world go round here and now???

Making breakfast for my son and husband and then sending them off to work/school
Drinking tea looking at the lake
Working part-time even if it means making much less money
Walking around the lake with my husband 
Watching old re-runs of Friends
Cooking a new whole food, plant-based, low fat meal for my son and husband
Walking around the lake by myself and taking picture of fall
To see people around make subtle changes to improve their lives
My yoga practice
Modifying pieces of clothes I own so they feel like new at no expense
Taking a bike ride
Looking at the sunset
Reading "Healthy at 100" for the 2nd time
Talking about this big project my husband and I have
Saturday night movie night with my son and husband
Buying my first pieces of second hand clothes
Fat free homemade roasted potatoes, lemon juice and salt  as a snack, at room temperature
Saving for a Christmas trip to Halifax
Customers smiling at me on the street
Buying local veggies at the market
My job
All the new awesome people I've met
Japan Go - my fave sushi place
Seeing my son grow into this responsible/goal driven young men
Working on re-paying all my debts
Doing nothing and feeling good about it
Writing my blog
My virtual friends from all over the world
Testimonies I get from you guys who've I helped
Entertaining people in my home
Being free
A hot shower
Nag Shampa incense
Dressing like I want to and not caring if it is "age appropriate" like I learned
Vegan Pumpkin muffins
Apples - Apples - Apples
Knitting fingerless mitts for my friends
Living the simple life

Be who you are... DREAM your life... LIVE your dream...

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