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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

oups... it's been a while...

Hey guys!!!!

I just realised that the last time I was here was on Aug 9th...  time flies!!!
I have no excuses really...  just been busy and concentrating on a few things...

My son came back from camp...  and therefore after spending 5 weeks in Montreal and 3 weeks at camp he's back for a while...  next long time-away-from-mom time is only schedule for Christmas!  Obviously with cadets and biathlon, there are a few week ends where he will be away!  But that's OK! He loves his life and cadets and biathlon are very important (and healthy) for him:  mentally, socially and physically!   He his fitter then ever...  he is focused... and learning to be responsible for his actions and decisions...  and I love it!

On a different note, I just realised that I am at a point in my life that I would not change a thing...for now.  I do have plans for the future which I will share shortly... and this will be huge and it will be another adventure I will embark on in a few years... 
However, living in the now, if I get back to here and now... I am really happy with people that I am sharing my life with.... my friends... most of them are new and that is OK - that is actually GREAT because hte love the new me! I am happy in my apartment...  it is lovely and convenient! I am OK with the money coming in and money coming out!  Money is one of the most stressing factor in a lifetime - thanks to minimalism, we found an equilibrium....  we may have made it easier on us have we done it another way but this is working just as well... 

I am still working on de-cluttering some more...  a few more things/stuff...  clothes... books... all this in-line with our next project...  it does take a great preparation and my husband and I absolutely have no clue what we signed up for but we are now in research mode...  and preparation mode...

Also working on simplifying the way I eat and cook...  trying to limit myself to a few recipes that can be modified "au-gout-du-jour" while have a simple base of 3-4 ingredients in my pantry - aside from fruits and veggies of course! I am doing research and try-outs for that to!  And yes, this is also in  line with my next project!  I really want to be ready when we get started!

I will also modify my work schedule after my vacation... this time last year I would work 3 days a week.... allowing me to have 2 extra days (when son is at school and husband at work) to do my own stuff:  yoga, reading, cooking, research, writing, knitting, etc...  then for helping out my boss I went to 5 days, not more hours, just spread out differently - this was temporary... and then I forgot... but realised a few weeks ago that it is catching up to me!  Working about 20-25 hours a week in 3 days or 5 makes a huge difference!  If I do that many hours in 5 days, it still feels like I am working full time and I can't afford time-wise to do the things I love and need to do by myself! Therefore, I will go back to 3 days a week...  it will be easier for me and it will allow me to regain my life and have time to what really matters! Don't get me wrong... I LOVE my job but I really can't work 5 days...  it is too stressful and I get tired!  Tired is NOT good for me!!! If I need to hang on to this job 5 more years, I need to get back to 3 days!     

So this is what's new with me...  and my life! And I now realise that minimalism is not a destination but a lifestyle... I mentioned it before but I am experiencing it still... every time I think I am set... that this is good... I come across another step I could take to make everything even simpler...  and I love it!  I am unsure as to where this will take me and where I will stop... but I know I won't stop as long as I find other options that makes me happy!

and what is new with you???  have you declutter anything?  changed jobs? pay off debts? working on a life changing project?  moving to a smaller home?


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