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Monday, August 31, 2015

Interesting week end...

This is a picture of me in Halifax this week end....  for my friend/readers outside of Canada, this is about 2h30 away from home... and 4 times as big as Moncton.  This was my second visit to Halifax...  my son and husband came along and we spent a few days there!  We had fun... and we walked a LOT!!!  My goal here is not to tell you all about my week end...  but to tell you what I finally came to realise...
When I tell people I am going to visit a new city they ask me "what" I am going to see or do...  and then I come up with answers as per suggested by others or touristic suggestions...  This week end, I had a few things on my list but what I really wanted to do is just be myself somewhere else...  We did visit a few historical site as this is a #1 interest for my son but I had a grand realisation about myself this week end:  I just like to go places, walk around and see what comes my way!  I do not like to plan in many details what I will be doing!  I like to know where I'll stay and have a few options to eat (as eating vegan is not always easy to find last minute) but besides that, walking around and doing what I feel like doing at the moment is VERY important to me.  I am not going places to "say" I went there and visited this and that... spent that much money... ate in that popular bar/restaurant...
I like to go places to experience new things, places, people...  I like to be able to walk around the city or village without having every other people say hi and ask me how I am doing... not that I don't like that!  I like it as it shows people care.... and I care too! But every now and then I need to escape that zone where I am known and walk around where no one knows me!
I also realise that what really matters to me is just to be outside... surrounded by trees and water...  and silence!!! I like to try new cafes... and find that one ethical/sustainable store that sells something that resonate with me... I like to find new thrift stores and get an exquisite find from there.... I like the outdoor market with local artisan and arts...  local food... and really, THIS is all I care for... I am no longer looking for things to do/buy/try...  I just want to  wander and see what comes my way... here in Moncton or elsewhere...  I have "changed" some more....  some would say I have "grown" but that sounds pretentious.... I like to say change... I have refine who I am and what I want...  I am much simpler and minimalist then I tough I was... I am much more of a wanderer then I ever realise... I feel like I do not belong anywhere but everywhere... as long as I have food and shelter I am good!  Having my husband is lovely...  and I do want to share all those things with him and he wants the same things so this is a blessing and I am grateful for that...  as long as my son will be willing to follow he is welcome to do so and this really is a plus but I know it won't last has he has his very own project which may lead him away from me much sooner then I would have loved to but really... can't blame anyone but me for having him wanting to be free! And our kids do not belong to us...  so they say!
All in all it was an interesting week end for me...  it help me realise what I knew but did not wanted to admit to anyone not even myself... I do not care for doing things and visiting what should be visited... All I care about is being and wandering... and this is what I will be doing full time once I retire and as often as I can in the mean time!!!

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