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Monday, April 14, 2014

Remodelling my bedroom the savvy way

For years now I have this picture frame that I made myself using an old Buddhist calendar, scissors and a glue stick.  I long wanted my bedroom to be inspired by that but I was missing on how I could do it with minimal expenses. I could not exactly picture what I wanted to do.
Wall painting or tapestry are expensive... and it is usually how I decorate.

Then. one day, I woke up with an image!  I had found it!  Inspiration was there.

These are pictures of my bedroom before.

It was "dark" and did not reflect my actual "free" frame of mind!  I wanted something more free spirited, bohemian and Buddhist like...  And I think I manage to do it this week end!

These pictures are a sample of the chalk paint I use from Annie Sloan and me at work Saturday.

This is my bedroom after.  There is no new furniture.  The table used for the reading/tea corner was already in my home. I only use it for something else now. Buddha, salt lamp, candles...  nothing new there either.

Have a look at my new room and I will tell you after what the new items are and their costs.


Summary of this transformation:

1) painted my drawer set :  1/2 a can of paint that cost my 49.99$
2) bed cover - got into a fair trade store - from India - 49.99$ on special
3) Cushion on bed also made in India - 29.99$

All I am missing to complete this transformation is new window treatment but I will use something I have in another room... I just didn't have time to do it before writing this post. This will cost me 0$
I also need to go back to the store where I got my cushion to get 2 more cushions that we can use to sit on the floor in the reading/tea corner. They were a little more expensive -let's say around 60$ each... maybe I can negotiate a little.  We'll see. Therefore, all in all, it will have cost me roughly 225$ to have my dream come true bedroom!!!

Anything else was just shuffling stuff around!

It took me roughly 2 hours to paint - I love to use that paint for furniture!

See how easy it can be to redecorate?  And if you, unlike me, have a lot of stuff, it can even be cheaper...  And worth doing before your next decluttering exercise! Do not hesitate to switch usage of a piece of furniture... or move your stuff around!  Sometimes, it's all that it takes for a new perspective.

Let me know if you have questions of what ideas....

thanks for reading!  and sharing!


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