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Monday, September 16, 2013

10 days de-clutter challenge follow up!

On Sept 4th, I started a 10 days de-clutter challenge that I wrote about here....
Essentially, I wanted to try a few things.... challenge myself in aspect in my life that are stagnant and wish to see moving...
I was surprise at the short lenght of time that was propose by Courtney for this challenge... Usually, it is suggested that if you want to make or break an habit, you have to work on it for 21 days!  It's like the magic number... so 10 days to me would not do anything...  initial thought of course... Well I must say that it is not entirely right.... in 10 days, I came to realize quite a few things about myself and my initial commitment...

Here are my initial goals and today's update after the 10 days which actually ended Saturday...

My shape up resolutions were:

1) No chips - didn't have any... as simple as that.... and quite frankly, did not even think of it... and possibly this was the end of that... I will not eat chips again....  except for tortillas....  but nothing from Ruffles or Lays or the like....

2) Nothing to eat after 7pm...  work out just great.... except on 2 occasion when we ended supper at 7h20pm.. and on Friday night I had blue corn chips!  11 of them to be exact!!! Otherwise, I had water, tea, and apples after 7pm and it worked just fine!!!  That too is a change that will become permanent in my life... it will be a general rule, but I understand that life being what it is, I may finish supper on occasion a little after 7pm... but I rarely do it...  and if so, I will have a light one!

3) Meditate/deep breathing 10-15 min before sleep - only worked out for a few days... then I stopped... for no other reasons than I didn't feel like doing it...

My pare down resolutions were:

1) No email/Internet/social media before 8am and after 8pm.  I completely followed that...  even thus at times it was inconvenient.... still it made me think about how easily I check my email, facebook and other stuff on a regular basis... I will keep some of that but will change the hours of restrictions...
No email/Internet/Social media before 7 am...  by then I am on the bus and like to catch up during that time...  Also no email/Internet/Social media during supper time which is usually between 5h30 pm and 7pm... Will add to that no phone call answered! And no email/Internet/Social media after 9pm.

2) No email/Internet/Social media between 11 am Saturday and 4pm Sunday... this is a little long.. because then I feel like I have too much of a catch up to do... even thus I did it...  it was crazy...  So my new rules from now on will be between 11 am Saturday and 11 am Sunday!  24h technology break every week end!!!!

3) Work on my conference a minimum of 30 min per day.... realized that I am constantly working on it...  so this is not even a challenge... At first I thought that I needed to sit down in front of my computer to be consider done... but realize this is not how my brain works... it reads, listen, analyze and comes up with stuff in my head that I then put on paper...  the work is done constantly.... and I also realize that some "work" is not computer related... it's logistic... visualization.... stuff like that!

My tune in resolutions were:

1) Read something related to yoga/nutrition at a minimum 30 minutes per day : Easy done....  this is what my life is all about anyway.. yoga and meditation.... it doesn't even need to be a challenge....  but it was good that it was because I came to realize how dedicated I am to this!

2) Give a compliment to at least one person per day ...  hummmm....  well perhaps I am not the type to give compliment...  unless it is to a close one...  or a very well earned one... I can't force a compliment...  is that really an issue? maybe.... maybe not... still have to figure this one out!

Well... this is it!  My challenge is over... did the 10 days.... brought me to realize a few things about myself....  that I did like (I am dedicated to health and yoga)  or not (I am a little addicted to all the social media, email etc stuff)... also helped my move forward in life... At hte time of becoming an author/public speaker and coach I need to set some boundaries... if not I'll end up working 24/7!!!

It has also help me change stuff in my life... improve my quality of life... not I am curious to see if all of that will stay over time...  probably it will because I felt more peaceful in a way...  I'll let you guys know for sure in a month or so about what has stayed or not....

what about you?  did you try it?  what worked out?  what didn't?  did you figure out why???

I am always happy to hear from you... do not hesitate to contact me!!!

Don't forget to check out my Facebook page.... or personal profile... connect with me on twitter or google +...

love and peace,

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