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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Hello my lovely readers!
I am back!!!

It has been almost two years...
a lot happened and I'll go over it slowly...
in time.

I stopped writing because I was hurt, felt betrayed and "broken" into a million pieces. It took time. Hard work. But I managed to put all the pieces back together. And now, as a result I want to write again... for me. Because I love it and I missed it.

However, you might notice that the pieces were not put back exactly the same way they used to be. It's a different version of me... a more peaceful me... a new version that I love more and care for. As a result my writing will be different too. As I mention on the front page, I no longer use labels to describe myself... I took the opportunity of being into a million pieces to get out of my self-made jail... and I put myself back together out of it! I also took this opportunity to fully accept myself for who I am - I let my light shine bright. We all should.

What about you? Care to share anything?

Chloe 💜&✌

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