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Thursday, August 4, 2016

A new found love...

Last Friday I left for a four days week end camping!

It was the first time I was attempting this in almost 20 years...  and it had been not such a good experience!
It was not the type of vacation I usually look forward too.
I was a little scare about it to be honest...
But my husband was really looking forward to it and had done so much overtime for us to be able to afford the minimum equipment we needed...  I had to try my best!!!

Let me give you a little background about my experience with nature... you'll see, it won't be very long!

I was born and raised in the city...  Montreal.  A big one...  Growing up, nature to me meant my backyard...  or the near by park which had an area consisting of roughly 200 trees.... to me, this was a forest! And there even was a little hill! Hahaha! There was also a Botanical garden... Then, during summer, my parents would bring me to the beach in different places in the USA. There, there was the ocean, sands, and a shit load of tourists, with all their umbrellas and coolers, toasting in the sun. This was nature to me. Occasionally, my parents would bring me on a road trip where I could see fields of corn and cows...

Honestly, my closest experience with nature was on the few occasions when we went to one of my parents country house... there was a lake and a real forest... this WAS nature... but we'd stay overnight and then leave...  it was really short and I was always under 12 years old.... and it really happened maybe only 3-4 times.

I mean, I real city girl!!!

In my adult life, I gravitated towards cities in my trips...  and I would not go somewhere unless there was a four stars hotel and a Starbucks nearby...

Even when I moved to Moncton, to get into a quieter life, I chose a city that was smaller then Montreal, but big enough to have a Starbucks... and a mall! I never expected that in two years I would change so much that I would dread going to the mall and start avoiding Starbucks...

Then, last spring, my husband, whom I love very much, expressed to me his need to reconnect with nature... but I was doubtful I would even tolerate it...  He promise me he'd work really hard (he meant extra hours) so we'd have all the minimum and a little extra so that I would enjoy it... at least not hate it.  I agreed to it... but deep down, I was sure this was a waste of money and that after this summer, this trip would be over.

Surprise, surprise!!!!

I love it!!!  REALLY!!!

Perhaps even more then he did!!!

I fell in love all over again... It was a revelation... I did not wanted to come back... And I am counting the days till our next four days trip:  there are 20 left!

We are also coming up with a plan to visit Fundy quite a lot next summer...  meaning a nine days trip and a few extra long week ends!

Why Fundy?  Well, there is the Bay of Fundy, a gigantic forest... and it is a really nice place with hiking trails for everyone...  there are tons of lovely views where you can just relax...  red squirrels, hares and tons of birds...  and a million stars in the sky at night!  A nice added bonus was the village of Alma which is 5 minutes away right at the exit of the park where there is a General Store (for what you may have forgotten...) and the Octopus coffee shop with an outside sitting area by a stream with the sound of water and birds... and Alma also has a beach!!!
Fundy is just a little over and hour drive from my home!!!

We barely touched the surface of that National Park which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site!!!
This is why I want to go back...
I REALLY want to go back...  OFTEN!!!
I want to llok into all it has to offer... there is so much!!!

I miss it already... and the only thing that is holding me together is working to save money to go back!!!

I knew this guy, years ago, who would work all year (with a quite decent salary), live really frugally and save all his extra money to travel... At the time, I did not understand... now I do.  My money, all I can put aside, is now going towards camping trips in Fundy National Park...  and then eventually, we'll try the other National Parks...  I need to be in nature... I need to step away from the city and the noise... and the people...

Maybe I'll never live completely in the woods... but who knows?!?  I will let that new found love bring me where I should be... and see what happens!!!

This is what I do now... I let life (the Universe) guide me with the help of my yoga practice... and it makes everything so much easier... I just know what I need and it comes to me naturally...

Be who you are... DREAM your life... LIVE your dream...

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