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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hurtful maybe.... but in the end helpful!

Almost two years ago, one of the people I had always respected and cared for in my life told me something that was very hurtful.  Something that actually broke the care and respect I had for her... If she told me that, she obviously never even tried understanding me and she certainly had no respect for who I had became.  It hurt... and I thought about it for a LONG time...  and I thought it was resolve....  until I came across this article two weeks, or just about, ago.  Then it resurfaced...  and forced me to figure it out... And I did... and this is why today, I am ready to write about it.

What this person had told me was that I should have more "ambition".  Now, it referred to the fact that I work part time in a coffee shop...  I live in a small town in a apartment, I have no car... and own very little furniture...  and I am, in no way, ever, aiming to get back to that place in my life where I was very unhappy and sick but... I had a house (not a home), two new cars, travelled twice a year,  had lots of furniture and Nick-knack...  way too much clothes and jewelry...  picture frames every where... books and more books.... CDs...  DVD... my kitchen cupboards were filled with stuff... so was my pantry and fridge even thus I ate out most of the time....  I spent time shopping and eating out... or cleaning... but mostly working to make enough money to buy all that...crap!

This person, considered who I was before as someone who had a successful life as is expected once you obtain a bachelor degree...  I know I hurt her when I chose a different life... slowly but surely I went from that unhealthy stressful (but deemed successful) life to something much more healthy, peaceful and sustainable...  for my husband and son.... and actually the whole planet!

I am now eating a whole food plant-based diet...  I own very little and only stuff I really need/use/like!  I no longer shop... rarely eat out... I do not own anything I cannot bring with me in a suitcase/moving truck... My mean of transportation are my legs as they carry me, at no cost, where ever I want... I am at a point in my life where I could grab a suitcase, choose what I want to bring along and leave the rest behind...  no regrets!
I don't even have credit or a line of credit anymore -adios credit cards, personal loans and line of credit.... if I don't have the money, I go without!

Now, I understand why this may seem like not having enough ambition - to some...  but if you think it through, living this way in today's society is not that easy... and to me ambition does not mean an easy fight!

And what is ambition anyway? Destroying the planet by our over-consumerism way of life? Following what everyone does? Getting a high end paying job to buy stuff you do not need to impress people you do not like?

What is your definition of ambition?

What if ambition was living a healthy peaceful life? What if ambition was taking the best possible care of yourself to be able to care for your family?  What if ambition was learning to cook healthy whole food plant-base meals? What if ambition was to share your acquired knowledge? What if ambition had nothing to do with you self-centered need but was greater then that?

My definition of ambition is attaining a healthy, peaceful life despite what most of our capitalist society thinks... it means doing more with less... it means not hurting my body, mind, soul by acting according to beliefs that I was brainwashed with all while I grew up... It means taking care of myself to the best of my knowledge... continuously improving the way I do so by looking for more information, obtaining more accurate knowledge... it means staying clear of masses because you know what other word is included in masses...

What if ambition was define this way in today's society?  Wouldn't it be a better place to live? Wouldn't it assure our kids and grand-kids a planet and food for them?

Be who you are... DREAM your life... LIVE your dream...

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