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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What makes my world go round... take 3!

Time again for this post.... I like to make one of these every time I've gone trough some more difficult time and it has given me the opportunity to reconnect with myself and grow... and realise that life is WONDERFUL!!!

So what does make my world go round here and now???

Eating local strawberries before I even get home with them
Drinking tea looking at the lake
Drinking with with my hubsband while reading
Watching old re-runs of Friends
Cooking a new whole food, plant-based, low fat meal for my son and husband
Walking around the lake
To see people around make changes to improve their lives
Modifying pieces of clothes I own so they feel like new at no expense
Sitting by the lake and watching the baby ducks and geese
Taking a bike ride
Looking at the sunset
Reading "A brave new world" for the 4th times
Making plans/project for the next few years with my hubby
Shopping in my favorite antique store right by my home for the perfect vintage dishes
Planning my short trip to Halifax
Getting into my "Wanderlust" book
Buying local bread at the market
My job
All the awesome people I know and love
Knowing that my son is having a blast in Montreal with his family
What about you???  What makes YOUR world go round???  Did you even think of it...


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