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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My minimalist wardrobe

Maybe it is time I talk about my wardrobe again....  I have modified it a LOT since my arrival to Moncton 9 months ago because my lifestyle changed a lot...

I have to wear black for work... which means that everything I had black in my wardrobe (except for 2 summer items) are now reserved for work!  If I am going to be dress in black 25h per week, I will not do it on my leisure time also.... plus black was never my color... I always felt oblige to include it in my wardrobe as a basic but rarely found myself wearing it:  too boring and too basic!

We finally accepted (my husband and I) that we do not like to dress fancy and go out... if I am going to go out, it will be for tea, a movie or a vegan meal... no need to wear fancy!  Plus it makes me feel fake therefore I did not keep any fancy clothes! And let's face it, there is no such thing as fancy Christmas or Holidays or birthday in my family!

I also stopped dying my hair.... which required some adjustment in my wardrobe... a few things no longer worked as they made me feel washed out with my new silvering hair! I had to change that...

I also tried and work toward a 4 seasons wardrobe...  no room to store anything in our small place.  We need to share a kids closet and one 4 drawers chest between the 2 of us... something gotta give!

I am now proud to announce that ALL my clothes (excluding pyjamas and outer wear) consist of 39 items!  This is for the 4 seasons!!!  I know...  I am missing a few things in there especially tops but if I add 2 summer tops and 2 longer sleeves tops, I'll be good to go for the 4 seasons for many years to come...  because all my clothes are in pretty good conditions still. I take good care of them! If you've been following me for a while, a few years ago I could not manage to get down to that number of clothes for 3 months...  let alone 4 seasons!

Aside from a few bracelets and necklaces (no more then 15 all in all and that include all my yoga jewelry), maybe 10 pairs of foot wear (including winter and rain boots as well as 3 pair of flip flops), some outer wear (2 winter jacket, 1 rain jacket, one fake leather jacket, one jean jacket, 4 hats, 2 pairs or mittens and a lot of scarves) and 3 bags (2 shoulder and one back pack) my wardrobe contains:

1 jacket (black and brown) (3 seasons do not wear in winter!)
1 pair of printed summer palazzo pants (spring/summer)
2 pairs of harem pants (spring/summer)
2 summer skirts (summer)
2 pairs of shorts (khaki and jeans) (spring/summer)
4 pairs of jeans (2 wide legged, one skinny and one torn skinny) (4 seasons)
2 pairs of corduroy (both wide legged - one dark grey, the other fushia) (fall/winter/spring)
1 navy skirt ( 4 seasons)
1 knee length wide legged trousers (4 seasons)
1 dress (fall/winter/spring)
1 flannel shirt (winter)
1 polka dot burgundy shirt (4 seasons)
1 big flower pattern yellow t-shirt (spring/summer)
1 sleeveless green blouse (spring/summer)
1 cotton navy blouse (4 seasons)
1 navy t-shirt (4 seasons)
1 striped elbow length sleeve t-shirt (4 seasons)
1 sleeveless t-shirt (orange and fushia) (summer)
1 green cami (summer)
2 black with open back cami (spring/summer/fall)
2 white t-shirt (4 seasons)
1 long tunic (summer only)
1 indigo cami (summer only)
1 knitted printed sweater (goes well with navy skirt, trousers and corduroy) (mostly winter)
4 vest (pretty much 3 seasons each)
2 long cardigans (one dark grey and one blue) (spring/fall)

All these pretty much mix and match quite easily... except for a few summer pants that have patterns and I need to be more careful... therefore my need to get 2 summer tops.

They are all clothes that suits me well...  for my body and my hair color...  they are also perfectly in tune with my lifestyle...  no pretending I am someone I am not!  They should last long and because they are of different "age" not everything will need to be replaced at the same time!  Which is great financially!

I have to admit, never would I have said that I could dress with so few items and feel great!  I needed to find MY style in order to get to this point... and this was done at a high cost financially and time wise... but it all worked out in the end...  Today I dress how I like, in what makes me feel good and I ignore all the fashion rules and so on...

Bet you could do the same...  and feel great!  And stop wasting hours figuring out what to wear on what day...