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Monday, February 9, 2015

Why did I change my blog's name?

For a while now, "Minimalist Vegan Nath" has been bothering me.
Why you may ask?

Because I am defenitely minimalist and even more so vegan! According to my own defenitions...

and this is the key in all that...

I have over the last few years made many decisions to change my life around and be free!  And I consider myself free now... BUT, the labels attached to my name were driving my nuts!  Because, as in all things, minimalists and vegans included, there are some extremists!!!  I do not consider myself one and I like to be compassionnate and accept difference between people.  I like to think that people reading this blog are not necessarely minimalist and/or vegan but rather they are looking to improve their life quality....  I do not want any non-minimalist or non-vegan to feel left out here... I actually want to help them and how can you help someone you are pusing away with a label?

This is what I design this blog for in the beginning... to help myself and others improve their quality of life.  For me it turned into becoming vegan and minimalist and I am convince that it can be the key to everyone's happiness...  but I also understand those who want only part of it.... and I want to respect this choice and I want those people to feel welcome and accepted here.

I do not think that I have very much new info to share with already 100% minimalist or 100% vegan people... and this is not really who this blog was intented to.  If you feel like you know everything on those 2 subjects already I may bore you and that is OK...  I think I know a lot.. but not everything and quite frankly, I have been disapointed in a few occasions by 100% minimalists and 100% vegans...  and I do not want to be like those people who pushed me away because I was not good enough!

Therefore, wherever you are in your life now, you are welcome here!  Of course I will talk about minimalism and veganism and yoga because this is what my life revolves around! I am not going to write about things I no nothing about...

I do not care if you are 100% or 0% minimalist or vegan or anywhere in between...  All I care about is that you need my help... my experience and mostly you need to NOT be judge! All shades of grey minimalists and vegans (vegetarian, palnt-based...) are welcome here.

A friend of mine said:   "An ethical choice makes you closer to yourself. An identity separates you from other people." and this is what started this all reflection on myself and triggered the name change....  thanks you for your insight Hugo.

I became minimalist and then vegan to improve MY life.... to bring myself closer to my own identity...  and to overcome a huge health challenge! By doing so, and using the actual words, I met awesome people from which I have learned a lot... but in the end, the same people/groups created a separation between me and others (the very others I wished to help)... a separation in which some thought I felt like I was "better" then them.  And I am NOT better then anyone... I have just found a way of life that works for me and many others in order to be healthy and happy and more free then the vast majority... but you have to be willing to make choices and changes in order to do so...  and it is not easy... and some may know that this would be the good thing to do and read and read about it and not be ready to do it.. and that is OK!  Because by looking into it, you are getting a step closer to start making the changes that will make YOUR life better!

I guess what I am trying to say is that I wish to step away and differenciate myself form extremists and this will in turn help me meet the people I wish to help...  How can I help anyone who's already like me?  I need different people to read me if I wish to help them...

Of course, if you already are minimalist and vegan and just enjoy reading me that is great! I myself follow a few minimalist and vegan blogs because there are always new tips and tricks you can learn... but don't go crazy on me if my views are not the same as yours...

And while I am at it, I will dare cross a line that not too many vegans do cross...  here's the way I live my veganism:

1) I do not eat any animal products or by-products (including honey)
2) I do not wear any wool, leather, silk, feather - although upcycle leather would not really bother me)
3) I enjoy horseback riding - in places where horses are well taken care off - and yes they do exists
4) I never go to circuses that use animals
5) I never go see animal shows (dolphins, whales...)
6) I would never swim with dolphins (unless one, in the wild, offered me a ride!)
7) I believe zoos can treat animals well and they have a role to play in wild life conservation - then again, not all zoos are created equal
8) I am against animal testing because those tests can be done in better ways in today's world, however not all I buy is free of animal testing because sometimes I simply can't afford it

So this is it... I am now, Siply savvy me... hopefully you will enjoy the name change... and the content won't change much, no worries!

If you think this new name might convince a few friends of yours to jump on board, do not hesitate to share...


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