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Saturday, February 21, 2015

My minimalist wardrobe

It has been a while since I made an extended post on my wardrobe...but on this cold Saturday morning, after I decided this week to exclude black for my wardrobe, aside from what I need for work, this is what I fee like... Therefore I went into my wardrobe and this is what I found:

2 pairs of jeans (one skinny / one wide leg)
2 pairs of cords ,both wide leg, one grey, one fuchsia
1 knee lenght, wide navy skirt
1 pair of knee lenght very wide grey cord pants - I like to wear with tights! Or as is spring and fall.
2 dresses - none of the is black!  I have no LBD!!!  And I am alive! wow!
1 flannel shirt - same as for the last 2 years! - inherited by my son who outgrew it!
2 short sleeve shirts - that I also use in all other 3 seasons
2 elbow lenght t-shirts - that I also use 2 other seasons
4 short sleeves t-shirts- used all 4 seasons!
3 long sleeve t-shirts - only used in winter
3 cardigans - I like to layer a lot - one is mustard, one deep blue and the other dark green
2 long cardigans - one beige, one deep grey - use in 2 other seasons also
1 cami - used year round!

All tops are beige/white/navy/burgundy/mustard and fit with at least 4 out of my 6 bottoms if not more...

If you add outdoor stuff... I have 2 winter jackets, 3 hats, 1 pair of mittens and 3 scarves...

All this for a grand total of: 35 items!

Most of them that I do wear more then one season...
All of them easily mix and match...

I honestly find it is still way too much considering that on week days I work, OK, only 20h per week but still, and then when I get back home I put on lounge wear most of the time...  truth is, for winter I could do with one pair of jeans, one skirt, 2-3 tops and a dress and be just fine... but I have more then that and I love all of it... so I refuse to give the extras away because I would have a hard time to pick and choose what stays and what goes and because I think that keeping all of it will save me money in the long run since I will not have to shop for years!!! Wear and tear will not be the same as if I kept only what I really need!

I hope this help you see that it is easy to get away with very little clothes...  I know that my work clothes are not listed here but basically they consist of 1 black skirt, one black harem pants, 2 black polos, one black short sleeve turtle neck and one white shirt...  for winter... And if I would not have such a strict dress code, I would gladly use what I listed above and have way more then enough!

I cannot say it was always that easy to get away with so little clothes...  I used to have tons of them... I could have basically dress 3 women my size for a whole months without any of them wearing the same thing twice! Can you imagine???  My wardrobe was a store in itself!!!  What a waste... of time and money... But I am not looking back, I did it... I had fun... but now these days are over... I am smarter and savvier with my money... as well as with my style! I do not let the fashion industry and/or stores tell me what I should buy and what I should look like!  Because I now better.

Everything I own I really really love and fits me perfectly... and is really my style!  It may not be the latest trends but it transpires who I am and this is what matters to me! I like people to "get" me on the first look... it attracts more like minded people... or people that are attracted to me for who I am.. not who I pretend to be. And this is cool!

Someone once said that fashion goes but style stays!   I am going with that now!


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