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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sorry... really need to do this... for me...

Hello to you all...

I am sorry, but this is not my "dream" post... I surely never anticipated it but I am at a point in my life where this is what I need... and I will not pretend otherwise...

I started this blog almost 4 years ago on January 1st 2011 because my husband and I decided to not buy anything not essential for a year....  we lasted 6 months... which was not too bad considering where we started from...  but I kept the blog because I found a passion for writing, it helped my figure things out for myself... it was mostly like a diary... more than anything else.  At one point, it evolved into a blog where I wanted to share my knowledge and experiences to help others because I had more interested readers...   Then I kept on doing it....  because it helped me and others...  and I loved it!  I loved the sense of purpose it gave me even though I wish (to be honest) that I had a bit more readers.

Last year, I lost my job and decided to give blogging a chance to become some kind of income... and I worked really hard at it and took a course and tips from well know bloggers...  my numbers increased but still far from what I needed...

I then started my #108daystoanewlife and discovered a lot more about myself and what I wanted to do with my life...  and realised that I didn't want such a huge part of my life involved in social medias and blogging because I felt like it took away my life in the end.  By sharing all of it, I had none left for me...  I then decided to cut down social medias and keep only Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ (because it is linked to this blog) and my blog...   Months after that decision was made, I am still struggling with that many to do outside of work and my own personnal life...  I am discovering other interest that are not on the Internet... I can't keep up with Pinterest... hardly with Facebook... and I never go on Google+ unless I am posting a blog!

I guess what I am trying to say is that my life as become more important to me and I need to make it more personnal, for now anyway...  I need, time wise and mentally, to cut even more social medias and time spent on the Internet... and I really truly feel like I have shared everything I know on the subject of minimalism, veganism and yoga... I feel like I am repeating myself all the time... and I honestly have no new inspiration!

Basically, I feel like it is time for me to move on and stop writing this blog...  for a long while... and maybe forever...  who knows?   When I took a break a few weeks ago I felt great... and ever hardly thought about writing... now that I announce I would be back, all I can think about is what I will be writing about next... and I am looking for subject and ideas... and they don't come to me! I am putting too much pressure on myself to keep up something I started years ago for myself and turned into something I no longer "want" to do but "have" to do... and as you know, I do not like to "have" to do things... I do not like rules or restrictions...  and this has become one! 

For this reason, I am, today, saying goodbye... but mostly THANK YOU to all of you my wonderful readers!  I know some of you...  others I have no clue who you are.... I know you are from all over the world...  I know, because I got really testimonies, that I have helped some of you... maybe less then I would have loved to... but probably more then I know!  For that, I will always be grateful!

This blog will remain here... open to you... you can come back anytime and reread what you already read or read other stuff you did not have time to read... I will not "close" it...  and you can still share if you wish too...  this legacy can go on but with no new material for now...

I am saying goodbye... but not so long... if you wish to keep in contact with me and/or still receive some advices from me, I suggest that you start follow me on FB (this can be done without a friend request) or you simply add me as a friend (link to my profile is below)!  I almost never refuse a friend request unless you look like/sound like a psychopath!  ;-)

In the hope that this journey has been as interesting to you  as it was to me....

I will wait to hear from you,

good bye,
thank you, thank you, thank you...



  1. Replies
    1. thanks... I willm miss you guys too.... but I need this... I may drop by every now and then.... who knows?

  2. I just found you, and after reading several posts, feel, by you stopping this blog, you are being true to your stated purpose. It takes great courage to do the right thing for yourself, especially in the face of a grateful following. I would love to follow you, but did a similar life edit, no Facebook for me. The very best to you and your family! Kkw

  3. Kathleen... please enjoy reading all the posts you want... they will stay there and I will get comments anyway... I saw you added me on Google+... if I ever post anything else you'l see it there.... and yes it takes courage... even more so to keep the decisions after all the nice messages I have been getting.... but I know this is the right thing for me to do now and that I feel much lighter since I announced it...
    thanks for the follow and nice message... very best to you and your family too! xox

  4. Sad news, but I totally understand. After blogging for just a year I am having similar feelings - there are only so many suggestions I can make about how to declutter! I know I've already repeated myself on my blog too. If you ever get the urge to write again but don't want to commit to your own blog, I'd love to have you write a guest post on mine! I wish you much peace and happiness:)

    1. Hi Aimee! I would love to do a guest post.... still love to write... just lacking inspiration for new things! your blog has different readers than mine... and you could sent me 3-4 questions to get me started.. I did this before... let me know if that would work for you!

    2. Hi Nath, I am interested in articles about clean eating and creating a minimalist kitchen - mainly because I am striving to improve both! Would you be interested in writing something about either of those topics? I'm also interested in learning the impact of minimalism on other peoples life. We all know a benefit to minimalism is extra space and time...but space and time for what?! What do you do with your extra space and time?? Those are topics I'm struggling with if you are interested in contributing that'd be great!

    3. Hi Aimee,

      hope you get that!
      I would love to write on those 3 subject: clean eating, minimalist kitchen and what I do with all my extra space and time now... Let me know in which order you'd like me to adress them and how many "words" you are looking into or if it doesn't matter...
      and I 'll try to come up with an agenda...
      p.s. I will try and give you dates at which this should be done but because I really do take it easy now they be further down then you'd want me know... in which case do not hesitate to let me know...

      p.s. my personnal email is