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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Last update on no television service!

Last April I shut down my television service and took a Netflix membership...  On June 10th I backtracked to see how I was feeling about this decision...  you can read about it here...  But basically I had decided I would stay like that...   It's now been 4 months and I am defenitely not going back!

I haven't even open Netflix in over 35 days!  And I seriously do not miss any of it... 
I do not miss all the drama, all the commercials, all the suffering and the feeling that I am missing on something...or might need something new to do something I should be doing... the feeling that I am not enough because some actor/reality person SEEMS like they are so much better then me!

I do like to watch a show now and then... and movies when wheather sucks! But I no longer need to do it!  This is where lies the difference...  I am no longer addicted to watching TV!
I am all into Dr.Who and Being Erica right now. And documentaries.  If time/weather permits.  If I feel like it.  Which most time I do not!

Back in June, I told you I wished the television was not even in our house...  which is still the case but still not realistic right now because my teenage boy likes it and needs it to play video games which are important to him and I respect that.  However, like I mentionned, I do believe that as a parent, limits must be established and I do that.  However, I found that with the habits of setting limits and proposing alternate things to do, my son, on his own does watch less and less and plays less videogames as he finds other ways to spend his time. Is it possible that we are so numbed by televison that we can't think of something else to do?

Good news is television is no longer in the living room but in my son's room.  I know... I hesitated a long time for this one.. but we do live in a small space and if television is in our living room, my husband and I have no options when my son has friends over... to play videogames or watch a movie.  I organised it in such a way that sleeping and "playing" areas are divided... and there is no way he can watch TV or play games from his bed! His room is quite big and it allows for that. We gave him the master bed room in oder to do this and this way we have a small room but all the living room too: for tea, yoga, board games,drawing, listening to music, writing, reading...

I still firmly believe that many people spend their life living someone's else life through television.... series, reality TV, movies and what not... and THAT did not change!  I also know people who have more interactions with fake twitter actor/reality TV account then real life people... and that saddens me a LOT!  But I have learn that this is their choice... saddly...  not much one can do about that!

I still do believe that most people spend way to much time staring at that image box in their living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom... and that there are too many "boxes" in today's home!  Did you know that most homes in America actually have more television screens then the number of people living in it? That includes computer and other devices used to watch movies or Netflix... 

Conclusion of those 4 months:

1) I do not miss my usual shows - actually better off
2) I am more relax not watching police stuff - sleep better and regaining faith in Human beings
3) I do not miss it at all anymore and do not even think about it - unlike 2 months ago
4) firmly belive that it kept me from living my own life
5) I watch almost nothing anymore....  nothing for 35 and some days...
6) I found many more gratifying things to do then watch TV
7) I do believe that television watching prevents you from living the life you deserve

What do you guys think about television in general?  and your relationship to it?
What else would you like to do and feel like you do not have enough time to do it?

thanks for reading!
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  1. If I'd live alone, I'd have no tv! A few years ago we had 4 (four!!!!) tv sets in our home, but now only one...